Year End Splash Party!

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I turned in a book yesterday and boy are my arms tired! Does that joke fly? This is what my brain is like when it comes out of the writing cave. Hashtag GooglyFace. Let's party.

Today kicks off my first giveaway in The Romance Reviews Year End Splash Party!

Go here to play

It's a terrific way to battle the November blues. You can play games, win prizes, and discover new titles and authors for your winter reading list. (Note: you have to login to participate.) My first game starts today.

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Watch my Facebook page for Rafflecopter giveaways. It's part of the YES (Year End Splash) Party. The first one starts Nov 4th and there will be four in total so be sure to keep checking back.

Blame The Mistletoe - 99c

In other news, for the first half of November, Blame The Mistletoe is on sale for 99c! Please check the price when you buy. I think the sale goes until November 17th.

If you love Blame The Mistletoe, especially the Christmas theme, you might want to pick up my new Christmas title, His Christmas Miracle, or some of the other books in the series.

Other News

I am tired, mentally and physically. Along with the intense concentration of finishing a book, I'm battling a little cold and cutting back caffeine--because I needed to. It's the perfect storm. I'm your average drooling zombie, trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing.

I intend to spend today rehydrating and cleaning my office, organizing what comes next, making To Do lists, then beginning to tackle the tasks. I secretly love this stage. The closer I am to finishing a book, the more I let things slide, but this is my recovery period. I take my time, finish things I've left undone, answer emails, plan and sort and tidy. That makes me happy.

Are you missing #SampleSunday? My blog schedule has been a little off-kilter lately. I've been posting a #BitesOfBooks every few days and have three loaded and ready to go, but I've also had a new release and this party/giveaway to announce. I predict it will be the New Year before I'm back to my old ways of posting a #SampleSunday every weekend.

Take care,