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Writers' Forum Cover

I was already having a great day yesterday.

My sister and brother-in-law had stayed the night as a mini-Christmas celebration and to toast for my new contract with Mills & Boon. (French Martinis - très magnifique). Despite moving a little slowly and the weather looking dicey, they ambitiously took my kids Christmas shopping for the day, leaving me with an empty house and pursuit of my new deadline.

The writing itself went very well, partly because the internet was acting up, i.e. no distractions. But I did chance Twitter at one point and this is what I saw from @MillsandBoonUK:

We loved your article in Writers' Forum @DaniCollinsBook! "Don’t quit five minutes before the miracle" - beautiful! x

Given that I'd been stalking Writers' Forum Magazine for weeks, trying to figure out when my interview would come out, and had convinced myself it wouldn't be until the new year, I was thrilled. Eager to see it, I subscribed to the app.

At this point I met a few challenges. It looked easy enough to download the Writers' Forum Magazine App--and a good investment frankly. Every writer is thrilled to have an excuse to geek up and invest in a How To Write resource.

However, I recently had a call from the efficient people at American Express who informed me my card had been compromised. This would be the card I use for all my online purchases, thus I had to update my account info before I could proceed with the app purchase.

Of course, the minute I opened my iTunes account to do that, it told me I was due for an update. Doesn't everyone love dropping everything to read a license agreement? Agree, yes, please...you're holding up a narcissist here.

Yay! New credit card number is in, app is downloaded and the first issue is included so just pick that one and... wait. Register a new account with new credentials--better store that in the password vault right now because I'll never remember it otherwise--okay finally! Issue downloads.

And it looks great. I'm so thrilled that my longtime friend and fellow author, Kay Gregory, thought of me when speaking with her friend and magazine contributor, Glynis Scrivens. I wish I could post a link to the article itself, or even a screenshot, but I don't have license to.

My photo is on the cover (Issue #135), however, down in the bottom on the left. (Thanks Sarah Wyatt Photography.)

After all this hoop jumping, I was pretty high and wanting to share with links and tweets and blog posts, but the internet fully died at that point which was fortuitous. It forced me back to Gideon and Adara (Nic's sister from No Longer Forbidden?)

I can't wait to share their story with you either, so I'll stop here and get on with writing it. Have a safe and happy holiday season.