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I'm continuing my interviews with my Fantasy Friends (not imaginary! real authors!!) from Worlds Of The Imagination.  Today Rita Bay is here to talk about her Light Warrior vs Vampire paranormal, The Aegis.

Hi Rita. How long have you been writing? How does it fit into the rest of your life? What are you besides a writer?

Thank you for inviting me, Dani.

I’ve been writing forever. Until seven years ago, however, I was engaged in technical writing – grants, programs planning, curriculum, and manuals. I started writing historicals and moved on to paranormals. Four novels and five years later, the novels rested in neatly-labeled folders. My Southern Sizzle Romance blog sisters/critique group twisted my arm until I submitted. Within three weeks Champagne Books contracted for my feline shapeshifter, Into the Lyons’ Den, and Siren BookStrand contracted my two Georgian/ Regency historicals, His Obsession and His Desire.

The last year has been a whirlwind. Editing for two publishers, maintaining my blog, marketing the new releases, and working on current projects has taken up most of my time. I’ve been very fortunate to have two great publishers, professional editors that have made the editing process a pleasure, and supportive author groups at both houses.

(I hear ya, sister. Ahem, please continue.)

I’ve worked as a registered nurse, career technical instructor, and school system administrator. I also volunteer with a historic preservation group. My most recent volunteer project was compiling the records for a 150+year-old cemetery. It was published last year and I’m about to start the second volume. Busy-busy.

What is your process like? Did this book give you any trouble or flow better than others?

I’m a super plotter. I mull a story over with visual scenes and dialogue in my head for months or years. Then, I write the blurb, character sketches, and finally a scene tracker which includes the location, action and plot progression, characters, POV, and dialogue snippets. Next, I put it in a folder for a while and add bits and pieces as they come to me.

When I finally sit down to write, it’s a frantic, multi-day endeavor. I never have trouble with the writing because I become so immersed in my characters and the story that it flows well. When I finish, I set it aside for a few weeks, then return to it for edits. Rather than filing the completed manuscript away, I now hold my breath and submit them.

Which brings me to my advice to aspiring writers: You won’t get published, unless you submit.

Excellent advice. What can readers look forward to next from you?

The second book of the “Lyons’ Tales” shapeshifter novel, Finding Eve, is finished with edits and ready for release in September. I recently signed with Secret Cravings Publishing for a contemporary military short story, Search & Rescue, which will be released in July. It was a story that popped up unsolicited during my November NaNoWriMo project (a novel in a month) and demanded to be written.

My summer writing project will be an as yet un-named final story in the “Lyon’s Tales.” I’ve become attached to the characters and am not looking forward to letting them go. Maybe I won’t…


“Better Dead than Dark”

Melinda Kildare, antiquarian and rare book dealer extraordinaire, returns to her shop after an estate sale with a massive, sealed barrel. Too late, she discovers that the Aegis medallion that traps her head-first in the bottom of the barrel is the bait used by a family of vampires to capture and enslave women of power.

Light Warrior Damian Sinclair, who has battled the Dark Ones for centuries, answers Melinda’s call—the call of a lifemate. While protecting her from the Dark Ones who pursue her relentlessly, he introduces her to passion, love, and her heritage as a Shield Bearer of the Light.

Will they find happiness as they unite to fight the Dark Ones or fall victims to the Dark forces ranged against them?

Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

Check out my webpage/blog at http://ritabay.com/ where you’ll find daily posts about history and culture that you won’t see elsewhere. There’re also blurbs and excerpts of all my books. I also blog on Mondays with The Fantasy Folk at Worlds of the Imagination.

My Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ritabayauthor) is a work in progress and my Twitter (https://twitter.com/ritabayauthor) is beyond abysmal.

My books are available at the following vendors and most other sites:
ChampagneAmazon, & Siren BookStrand.

Thank you, Dani, for inviting me to visit and thank you to the guests who drop by. As a special thank you, I’m offering an e-book copy of The Aegis to a commenter.
Rita Bay


The Aegis, Champagne Books, April, 2013
Her Teddy Bare, Carnal Passions May, 2013
Search & Rescue, Secret Cravings Publishing, July, 2013
Finding Eve, Champagne Books, September, 2013

Into the Lyons' Den, Champagne Books, August, 2012
His Desire, Siren BookStrand, May, 2012
His Obsession, Siren BookStrand, April, 2012