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R.J. (Ron) Hore joins me from the Fantasy Folk at Worlds Of The Imagination this week. R.J.'s novel, The Queen's Pawn, is a medieval-style fantasy available in print and ebook.

How long have you been writing? How does it fit into the rest of your life? What are you besides a writer?

I have been writing fiction for over thirty years, piling up unpublished manuscripts. Wrote a lot of non-fiction in my day job. When I retired I went back to spending more time on the fiction and have published two short stories, co-authored a history book, and then linked up with Burst Books. So far I have published two novels and a novella in the medieval-fantasy style, and two fantasy detective novellas in a series (the Housetrap Chronicles) that will see two more issued in 2013.

Spare time? Very little. Family, photography, travel, and a sailboat. Oh yes, and attending writer’s conferences.

What is your process like? Did this book give you any trouble or flow better than others?

I have no problem coming up with ideas. The Queen’s Pawn grew out of a single scene, an innocent young man in a fallen city about to be overrun. From there the story flowed, adding a wizard, a sensuous Queen, and her spoiled daughter. Our hero has to rescue them and get them to safety. Lots of flirtations, bits of humor, and plenty of villains. It was fun to write and readers seem to enjoy it.

What can readers look forward to next from you?

I’m just wrapping up two more novellas in the fantasy detective series: The Housetrap Chronicles. My first medieval-style fantasy novel, The Dark Lady came out in February 2012. I have written two sequels and they are now sitting on the publisher’s desk awaiting judgment. There is also a novel about a bickering couple swept away to an alternative universe sitting in the wings. While the smoke clears from these, I plan to go back and re-visit an earlier novel, a tale of a lady archeologist, her teenage daughter, and an alien who looks like Harrison Ford. I originally stopped at 70,000 words and thought I was finished. I have since decided it needs something more, so the next major project will be adding 30,000 or so words.

What's The Queen’s Pawn about?

On his way to study for the priesthood, Harow is mistaken for a bold and infamous duke. Instead of study, he finds himself thrust into action to rescue a beautiful queen and her spoiled daughter, as they flee the city. Now, a rebel army is hot on their heels and Harow must keep his wits about him as he leads the small group of survivors to safety.

Will you share an excerpt?

“Well, I’m not going anywhere!” came a sharp voice from the crowd. “And I’m certainly not leaving the Palace with that pair of ruffians! Did you say the Usurper has been slain?” A girl of about fourteen summers stomped out to stand beside the Queen, hands on slender hips, glaring first at Harow, then at Machia. Her black hair, tied with a blue ribbon, hung halfway to her waist. A high necklace of gold and pearls bound her pale neck. Before he turned his face away, Harow caught a blaze of fire from her grey-green eyes.

“You come here unannounced, looking like street beggars. You tell my mother that the King is dead, and then you calmly expect us to fling ourselves into your protection and rush off, saints know where!” Her nostrils flared and she stamped her silk-clad foot. “I will not allow it!”


“I, for one, do not care if you are the Duke of Asturas, Castor, and the Whatever Plains.”

“Ah... I ...”

“Have you no manners?” Her voice rose a notch or seven, venturing into what Harow would have described as shrill. “I am speaking! I am the Royal Princess! You will not interrupt!”

Queen Reginee placed her arm gently around the girl’s shoulder. “Duke Rickard, I would like you to meet my daughter, the Princess Desiree-Rose. She is normally a bit high-strung, I’m afraid, and the events of the last few days have us all on edge. And now... with the death of the King...” A tear glistened on the Queen’s cheek and her giant companion quickly offered a silk handkerchief from within her ample bosom.

Where can readers find you and your books?

You can find me at:

Books are available through the usual on-line outlets such as Amazon or directly through the publisher: www.burstbooks.ca.

Thanks for visiting, Ron!