Winners Of No Longer Forbidden?

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The postman is still holding my author copies for ransom at an undisclosed location, but I managed to get my hands on some of my books.

Yesterday was a fun day (sincerely--I really enjoyed this) at two Post Offices where I mailed signed copies of my books. The post-mistress across the line has been an absolute sweetheart over the years as I sent contest entries and SASEs.  She's the most patient person with us silly Canucks who keep her busy so we can avoid the extra postage and lost time of sending things from Canada. She knew I'd sold and had checked out my website. She was very congratulatory and awesome.

At my local post office, it was more of a Mommy-chat with a gal I know from when my kids were at the Elementary school. We talked love of arts and pursuing dreams and how her son of twelve has already put out his own CD. Yeah, at forty-six and my first book, I'm quite the late bloomer, but she still gave me an 'atta girl' which I appreciated.

So I sent some to friends and family (Mom, your mail is on the way--like she reads my blog.) Also to some fellow authors and twitter friends. I had three winners from my recent Goodreads Chat. I was very happy to make good on that promise. Two reviewers were on the list--my first daring dip into those waters and I'll report on the reception later. (Or not.)

And finally, drum roll, a signed copy goes to Brooke, the winner of my photo contest for submitting the above.

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