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I have exciting news! Proof Of Their Sin won the 2013 Reviewer's Choice Award from RT Book Reviews for Best First Series.
I'll be going to New Orleans to pick up the plaque and I'm taking my daughter. We're pretty stoked. I'll take photos :)

Also, I just received the cover for my August book. This is part of the series I wrote with Maya Blake and Victoria Parker, set in the notorious 21st Century Gentlemen's Club, QVirtus.

Note: they don't always act like gentlemen there. wink

I'm super stoked on this cover. Seems kind of retro and erotic, quite racy which is perfect for the story. And also for the contest I'll be launching for my August books (yes, plural. There will be three.)

I have to keep this short, but more details on the contest will be here one the new website by (I think!) May 1st. The goal is sooner, actually, but I like to build wiggle room into my deadlines. Waiting for the new site is why I haven't started my #SampleSunday excerpts for An Heir To Bind them yet.

Now I really have to run. I have an appointment shortly and I have to drop my son on the way. Poor MrC is going to wake up to an empty house and think it's a weekday. He's been working afternoon shift lately, getting home very late, and will start making his lunch and coffee while wondering if Friday will EVER get here.

I should leave a note, shouldn't I?

More soon.