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I missed #TeaserTuesday because I had to take my car for a service. This is a bit of a big deal, driving all the way to the Big Smoke, three hours away.

However, sitting in dealerships, bored enough to stalk myself, has turned out well for me. Yesterday I happened upon this. Note the cute little #1 next to in Romance, Erotica.


That's out of more than 87000 titles. I'm pretty stoked. Back in the spring, when I was buying this vehicle, I got this:


I rather like Amazon's pretty tag. It kind of blows your mind when you come across it attached you your own book. Of course, seeing books with my name on them is pretty mind-blowing. Not that I can really appreciate it, here in my office:


Yes, it's out of control over there. Bad Feng Shui, I'm sure. Organizing all of that into giveaways is on the top of my To Do List. Also, as it happens, on the top of my Nice Problems To Have list.

I want to get a start on my third Montana Born book today, but I do have a lot of housekeeping to get out of the way so I can concentrate, including making some promo decisions and arrangements on the first two Marietta stories.

I tell you this so you know that I'm not completely slacking off over here, when I miss my blog posts. Today was going to be a head-down, plow through my admin tasks day. Then I got a special invite to a shop in our local town. One of the stores is closing. I should say, the last decent clothing shop is closing. Which makes me super sad.

We've had a difficult run in our little town. In the last year, we've lost a drug store, a clothing store, this second clothing store, and this morning the cable guy told me the gadget store (like Radio Shack) is also shutting down. A woman at the gym mentioned there are 150 real estate listings. Lots of retirees down-sizing, I guess.

So I was tempted to shop for conference clothes at a discount, but my son wanted to go with me--they also carry a lot of hip, surfy brands like Ripcurl. But he got called into work, then the cable guy showed up. (And informed me we need a new router, which I will buy where?)

Honestly, my brain looks like that picture above. Tons of boxes open with stuff that should be looked at, labeled, sorted and shelved. Side note: I was also going to buy a new vacuum while we were in the Big Smoke yesterday. You know how to save 100% on the cost of a new vacuum? Forget your purse at home.

I remembered about ninety minutes into our drive. Kinda too late to turn back. Thankfully, when I called the dealership, they said they'd float me a twenty-four-hour loan on that oil change. My son had to buy me lunch.

But this is what I'm getting at. My mind is scattered all over the place lately. I really need to do some mental and physical housekeeping before I start another book (at which point it will all go to heck again.)

So please bear with me on the blog posts that aren't. According to my horoscope, this is a great time for behind-the-scenes work before the sun comes into my sign on the 21st. I'll make that my goal: Be so on top of myself by the first day of Fall.

But since I've missed my #TeaserTuesday, here are some links that I dug up for the Makricosta series. If you've missed some of these excerpts, you can catch up here:

  1. #SampleSunday - No Longer Forbidden -  Book One, Nic & Rowan. This manuscript was my First Sale, but it didn't come out in North America until it was paired in a 2in1 with More Than A Convenient Marriage in December 2013. This post is the opening pages to this book and has a link to a prequel kiss and an excerpt from Chapter Five. I hadn't really found my feet with #SampleSunday yet so there isn't a series of six like I usually do for my Presents titles. 
  2. #SampleSunday - More Than A Convenient Marriage - Book Two, Gideon & Adara. This post gives you links to the previous five in the series.  
  3. #SampleSunday - An Heir To Bind Them - Book Three, Theo & Jaya. This post links to the previous five. 

My next Harlequin Presents, The Russian's Acquisition, is coming November 1st and is available for pre-order now.

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