What? It's Wednesday. Why are you posting?

Because I keep my promises, that's why!

As mentioned in my #SampleSunday posts, I have a wicked line-up this summer. An Heir To Bind Them came out June 1st and the rest of these are coming in August.


Get it? It's required that you have no reservations. Provocative, right?

I've been trying to figure out how to promotoe them all here. I'll definitely post all the blurbs this Sunday in a Coming Soon round up.

As I'm writing this, I'm realizing I have updates (like covers and blurbs) to send to my trusty pal, Zak, who is the guru of this cyber home of mine. (One. Hour. Later.) Info sent! But he's going out of town and may not get to it for a week or so.

Now, I've roughed out a schedule of posts so I can offer a few teasers and excerpts from all of these titles through June and July. It's not written in stone. It's written in pencil, mostly because I have to travel and may not have wifi when I need it.

Plus, even though Ghost has a feature where you can change the date, it freaks out if you actually try to tell it to do something before its time. Apparently Ghost is still new and young and needs a five minute warning before it can transition into a putting its coat on and getting into the car.

Back to bidness. Here's what I (ambitiously) hope to provide over the next two months. And yes, I realize this is a ton more posts than I've been doing, but the whole point in quitting my day job was to spend less time at a computer.

That was sarcasm.

The truth is, I feel strongly about providing some Try Before You Buy for my readers. And I have been wanting for a long time to put out more just-for-fun posts. The problem is, I'm bad at it. I can sit down and write a thousand words on a romance pretty quickly, but as a person, I am so boring that a few hundred words on life (mine especially) take forever. It's just not a good ROI (Return On Investment.)

Plus I digress all over the place, as you can see.

Here's the rough and dirty (pun intended) schedule:

I will ressurect #Thursday13 through June and July. If I can manage it, I'll keep going through August and reassess in the fall.

I love that expression, I'll reassess in the Fall. I've been using it a lot lately. Translation: I'm gonna do whatever I want this summer. If it all falls apart, I'll pick up the pieces in September.

Expect a blog tour round up this weekend with the blurbs. Meanwhile, I'm forever inviting readers to join my newsletter. If you haven't seen it, open Dani's Latest Newsletter here to see how to maximize your chances of winning a signed copy of my latest release.

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In other news, Theo and Jaya's story, An Heir To Bind Them is on sale right now. Head out to your fave book store or purchase it online here:

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