We're All Entitled To Our Opinion

Really Mr. Akin?

I'm sure Seth Myers and the rest of the gang at SNL just let out a huge groan.  Why now?  Why not in a few weeks when they're back at work?

I won't write my own essay about why Rep. Todd Akin is in need of biology lessons.  It's well covered here:


Instead, I'll shift the conversation slightly by picking up one point Dr. Aaron E. Carroll makes in that article cited above: that abortion is a gray zone for everyone.  Aside from hard-liners like Mr. Akin, most of us have a sliding scale of situations on which we measure the justifiability of abortion.  As long as I can think of one reason I would seek one, I think abortion should be legal and medically performed, but I recoil at the idea of gender-selection abortions.

Which leads nicely into what I really want to talk about.  The power of women in this election.

In all this coverage of Mr. Akin's remark, it is oft noted that he has shifted the election focus from jobs and the economy to women's issues and I'm going, what's wrong with that?  It's about time!  Women only make up half the population.  They represent all colors and creeds.  Yes, men.  Fight for our vote.  Show us what's in it for us.

Of course, I'm Canadian, so I can't actually vote in the US election.  That would be a little like men weighing in on whether women should be allowed to seek abortions.

I know.  Seth would appreciate that one.  I'll tweet it to him.