Valentine's Brunch - RWA-GVC

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So I flew (literally) to Vancouver for the Feb 16-17 weekend.

My primary goal was to attend the annual Valentine's brunch held by the Greater Vancouver Chapter of Romance Writers of America. Along with showing some love to their awesome volunteers (thank you generous ladies!!), they give snaps to anyone taking steps (or making leaps) toward a career in romance publishing (congratulations all!)

Then they give debut authors a moment in the sun with a First Sale Speech.

I was one of four writers who have long coveted this honour who then went sheet white as her turn to speak arrived. Here I am with my very cool, hilarious, and entertaining fellow speakers.


L-R (did I write down the details of everyone's First Sale? No, that would have been like work and I was there to have fun!)

Nora Snowdon, Crimson Romance; Roxanne Snopek, Entangled; Me, and fellow newbie with Harlequin (puts the Super in SuperRomance) Jennifer McKenzie.

Ladies, I so enjoyed your speeches. Nora, yours was point-blank delightful. Roxanne, Three River Ranch seems to have done pretty well even without a golden retriever on the cover. Jennifer, I never stopped laughing whether you were up there talking or sitting at our table. Why aren't you coming to National?

Now, even though romance writers do take their work seriously, we are capable of turning into absolute girls when it comes to something like a luncheon. I won't say my shoes were the talk of the town, but I did think Jennifer and I could have switched. And we were both rather taken with Kate Austin's saucy boots. Check 'em out:


It was such a treat to see everyone and I'm so sorry to have missed those people who couldn't make it (stupid flu bug.) Huge thanks to the organizers and especially Carol McCauley who got me to and fro the event. Your turn up there next!

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