#ThursdayThirteen - Authors On My TBR Pile

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I call it a To Be Read 'pile', but they're actually stashed around the house, in the cars (plural), and in various bags so I am always ready to take advantage of a spare moment should it present.

In no particular order, I'm currently reading:

  1. Scarlet Wilson
  2. Kate Hardy
  3. Maya Blake
  4. Abby Green
  5. Maisey Yates
  6. Lynn Raye Harris
  7. Tawny Weber
  8. Heidi Rice
  9. Susan Stephens
  10. Jane Porter
  11. Rhonda Nelson
  12. Kate St. James
  13. Caitlin Crews

Anyone else start a book and then start another and then oh! That one looks good. I'll just read a few pages then...

Sigh. So many stories, so few hours in a day.