#Thursday13 - Things I Have To Do Today

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All that stuff I was supposed to do yesterday? Here's what I did:


Why? It's not even great. It's merely okay. But I was in the mood to muck around. As a result, I am making myself a To Do list today and have to stick to it. I leave tomorrow. No choice. So...

  1. Mess around online: This is what I do while I have my tea each morning. I'm not swaying from that. It's my thing. But I'm including writing and posting this #Thursday13. I should also plan my posts while I'm gone. I should, but we'll see. I'm only one person.

  2. Tame email. Really should have done this yesterday. Was busy making a cool new banner that I will unveil someday in the future when I've had time to master Photoshop. For today you get the lame one.

  3. Run into town. This is the last minute freak out that we all do where we buy weird items like gravol and quinoa and something impulsive that we think we'll need but really don't. Like a new pair of shoes that we don't love, but could wear if we do that thing and then we do that thing and we hate the shoes and make do with something more comfortable. My freak out also includes: work out at gym, pedicure, buy groceries for family so they don't starve while I'm gone, visit my parents for last minute hugs and kisses, fill the tank and, if I'm so inclined, wash the vehicle, but I'm pretty sure that one will fall into Bonus Points category. Like the Yahtzee that you hope for but never get.

  4. Swim. It has to happen in this heat or someone will be seriously injured.

  5. Get the mail. Then I must delegate the key to the most responsible family member. I shall spend all morning thinking about this and probably leave it with my husband despite the fact that all two of my children work in the same building as the post office.

  6. Clean my desk. This is about excavating the vital papers I will very likely need as I travel, like itineraries and directions to that lunch I'm supposed to go to and, oh yeah, my sister's home address so I know what to tell the cab driver when I get off the plane at 5am in Brisbane. Looking at my desk makes me whimper.

  7. Clean my bathroom. I'd say the whole house, but heat. I should have done this a few days ago, but heat.

  8. Laundry. This one comes very obviously before:

  9. Finish packing. 'nuff said and won't truly be complete until tomorrow morning.

  10. Make supper. Mother Of The Year is a sarcastic title in our house. I often win it for my stellar skills like forgetting to pick up my son or getting him up for school on a day that's a holiday. Being a winner of this trophy going on nineteen years running, I will make supper tonight and I bet it will include one of those chickens from the grocery store. (heat)

  11. Photocopy my itinerary for the family. They don't care until they care, like I fully expect this text: "Mom, why didn't you pick me up from work." Me: Because I'm in Australia. Look at the thing on the fridge. Where is your sister? Fun fact: She wanted to stay in Calgary this summer and I asked her to come home and take a local job for the express purpose of being her brother's personal chauffeur. So far it's working out great for all of us.

  12. Swim. Seriously, this needs to happen near bedtime or sleep doesn't happen. It's 7:08 am as I write this and I already feel like the sweatiest sweat hog.

  13. Try to sleep. It's not just the heat. My brain will be going non-stop, trying to figure out what I've forgotten, and also plotting my next three books. That's kept me awake for the last few nights. Good grief, the couple from the photographer story won't leave me alone! I can't officially start it until I've consulted my horoscope, but no, they're all up in my grill with their dialogue and conflict and angst. Also, I have a book to finish while I'm away so they just have to wait until I get back. Puh-leeze.

I will have a #SampleSunday this weekend and a #TeaserTuesday along with a new #Thursday13 from The Chatsfield next week. I haven't planned all my posts, but this weekend is the last #SampleSunday from The Ultimate Seduction. I'll continue the #TeaserTuesday from Playing The Master until August 4th.

Given that I'm traveling, they might not post exactly on time. I'll do my best. Please check back if it's not up yet.

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Tea is gone. That means I have to get along to the next items on the list. Thank you for continuing to visit. I'll get that #SampleSunday up on Saturday morning if the hotel has decent wifi. Cheers!