#Thursday13 - Things I Did Today

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Pretty much a big #Fail on getting a decent #Thursday13 posted today. But I did have a reasonably productive day otherwise.


To preface, I'll quote an actual conversation that took place between myself and MrC today:

Me: I know the house is a mess. Believe me, I know. I keep thinking I'll catch up when I'm not on deadline, but I'm always on deadline.
Him: I'm aiming for mid-September. Both kids will be back in school. We'll catch up then.

Note: I am driving our daughter back to university tomorrow, losing three days doing so. Thus, no progress on housekeeping. We live in BC. Still waiting to hear if son actually does have school come Tuesday. Le sigh.

Basically, I left mid July, came home sick as a dog, had houseguests for four nights, and I have been trying desperately to finish a manuscript for the end of August. Technically I have eight thousand words to go, but see above about being in a car all day tomorrow and you'll begin to see why a decent #Thursday13 post is beyond me.

However, in an attempt to feed myself a sense of success, I'll enumerate what I have accomplished today:

  1. Two thousand words. This is a huge goal considering I was dead in the water two days ago, had to go back to about page fifty and figure out where I went wrong. Some fairly serious surgery later and my manuscript is back on its feet, proceeding slowly down the antiseptic smelling hall.
  2. Author copies of The Russian's Acquisition received. You might say this has nothing to do with me, especially since my husband answered the door, but hello, I wrote the darned thing!
  3. Three signed books sent, one to Marcy who won The Ultimate Seduction from my guest blog with iHeartPresents, one as a thank-you to the classmate who organized our high school reunion in July (which was a smashing success!) and one to a reviewer.
  4. Gym. Yes, I worked out. Go me.
  5. Purchased envelopes for mailing of signed copies. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is to me. I don't get into town much these days and I would have thrown myself in the river if I'd got all the way back home without them.
  6. Beach! Again, doesn't sound like an accomplishment, but I hadn't been on the sand since before I left in July. My daughter and I love to go together as we have the same lifestyle on the beach, which is to say we like to read a book and ignore each other, then swim laps between the buoys. This was our last chance this summer so even though the sun was coming and going, we got an hour in.
  7. Supper. Again, you would think this was a no-brainer in most households, but I avoid the making of a decent meal for my children like you wouldn't believe. This was not a fancy one, but it was healthy and somewhat home-made.
  8. Cleaned the kitchen. I know, I know. Pedestrian. You don't know me. This can be a huge challenge so I give myself snaps when it's done.
  9. Ordered something on Amazon for my father. For the third time. Long story, but we hope this is the charm.
  10. Watched two episodes of Sherlock, the BBC version with Benedict Cumberbach. My sister got me hooked last weekend while she was in residence and I'm loving it. Could this be the reason I'm having trouble finding time for other, more important, things? Shhh.
  11. Raised two great kids who love each other. I'll admit this wasn't just today, but when my son left his beloved computer to come down special and ask his older sister, "Since you're leaving tomorrow, do you want to play Mario Cart?" I got a little misty. I should mention that he called her by her nickname, which isn't flattering, but shows true fraternal love.
  12. Wrote a blog post. Last minute, totally true, but it has happened.
  13. Banking. Not my favorite thing, but a necessary evil. Will get to it right after I hit 'publish' here.

Watch for a Goodreads Giveaway for The Russian's Acquisition, which is the book I received today. Watch for The Russian's Acquisition to show up on my Books page, details of which I still have to send to my computer guy (hi Zak!). Also watch for my Sept/Oct releases from Tule's Montana Born imprint.

There's other stuff, but I just want to get Demitri's story finished. He's giving me grief, which is to be expected. The man is...sigh.

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Not sure if I'll have something on Sunday. I'd like to, but I'll be traveling again. Might just be photos. We'll see.