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If you've come looking for the next 13 lines from The Secret In Room 823, I'm sorry! I'm not sure how much I can excerpt. I have limits within my contract and I don't want to overshoot them. So I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at the luxury setting that is QVirtus instead. This is the 21st Century Gentlemen's Club where The Ultimate Seduction opens and closes.


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Want to learn more about this series? Here's a nifty blog post by the iHeartPresents editors about The 21st Century Gentlemen's Club.

Okay, so QVirtus. When I collaborated with Maya Blake and Victoria Parker on this setting, we knew it had to be the place to belong. Coveted. Think James Bond and you'll start to get a sense of the tone we were going for.

Here are some of the obscenely expensive items you'll encounter in the club:

  1. Membership. This is so expensive that Tiffany's father, who owns an extremely successful international architectural firm, cannot afford it. Tiffany, whose husband bequeathed her a stake in his global engineering firm, squeaked in.
  2. Custom masquerade masks. Tiffany has scars from the car crash that killed her groom on her wedding night. No one mapped her face. QVirtus just knows how to cover them. The masks are not only beautiful, but inscribed with member's names, telling them where the next meeting will be held, and contain a chip that provides entry through security when they arrive.
  3. Location, Location, Location. This secretive club meets every quarter in a different location. Maya opens her story in Macau and closes in Venezuela, where my story starts. I end in Zanzibar where Victoria's story opens.
  4. Security. Not only do you have to have a custom mask to get in, but the club then goes on lock down and even cell phones don't work. No taking compromising photos and trying to blackmail someone later!
  5. Concierge To The Max. Mostly women, but a few men, called petite q's, serve the members. They might bring them a drink, or a helicopter, or the plans for the Bellagio safe in Las Vegas. Members can also arrange for service outside of the meetings. My heroine has them set up a special lunch in New York and my hero sends her flowers, anonymously, through QVirtus.
  6. Designer Gadgets. The members are the trend setters and taste-makers of the modern world. In the same way that companies clamor to get their products into Hollywood Swag Bags, top designers send clothing, wearable technology and other high end products hoping the exposure will go viral. Most notably, all members are issued smartwatches that talk to each other, helping members find each other at the club and outside in the real world.
  7. Physical Privacy. Aside from possibly being photographed going into the club--and most members are masked--members can expect complete privacy as they go about their business inside QVirtus. And conduct business they do, in private rooms with sliding doors that only allow one person in a hallway at a time, thus ensuring no one sees who goes into which room or with whom. wink
  8. Personal Privacy. Names are also protected. Everyone has a code name. My hero is Raptor. Tiffany is known as Steel Butterfly.
  9. Private Art Auction. Tiffany is a QVirtus virgin. (And a sexual one, until she meets a sexy stranger!) When Ryzard invites her to 'the art walk' she looks for charicature artists on stools between craft booths. Silly Tiffany! The most exclusive classic art items, whether it be Picasso or Monet or perhaps an up and coming contemporary artist, are auctioned within an appropriately temperature and humidity-controlled room in the basement.
  10. Exclusive Concerts. Okay, this is where the copyeditors hurt my feelings. I know there's a certain expectation that we remain generic, but I took a chance and wrote this exchange.
    Tiffany: "That's a really good cover of Santana."
    Ryzard: "That is Santana."
    I love Santana and it made for a really good detail to pull the reader into the story, but alas, it was changed to "...a really good cover band/that is the band." (yawn)
  11. Private Party With Fireworks! Yep, the meetings all kick off with an ice breaker that features a drink suitable to the location (Rum with lime for my opening.) Then dancing (salsa for S.America) and a display of fireworks on the water. I won't tell you what Ryzard and Tiffany get up to while that happens. Let's just say they have their own private party in a nearby cabana.
  12. Gossip - Of the most expensive kind. Like any hair salon or even the old Enghlish clubs of yore that this one was fashioned upon, half the value in the memberhsip is hearing what's not reported on the news. Here, among workshops on global policy, members might learn of a coup attempt before it happens or a royal's fall from grace being covered up.
  13. Extended Privileges. Members help members. They network, play the country club game of offering a friend a leg up over someone else, and when one is in trouble, they rally to their aid. I won't tell you how that plays out in my book, it's a spoiler, but they do.

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