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Thank goodness I pre-wrote these blogs. Conference is crazy busy and so fun. I've definitely got some stories for next week once I find time to write the posts. Writers, you'll want to tune in for the gems I've picked up from my favorite workshops - although I'll admit that thus far I've been socializing more than learning. But that's where you often pick up the juiciest industry gossip! Which is where I'm off to soon as I hit publish on this so here goes:

This is likely the last excerpt from, The Secret In Room 823, available in the UK as a lone title and up for preorder here in N.America as part of The Chatsfield Boxed Set, Vol 2.


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For #Thursday13, I've been doing thirteen sentences from this novella. Here are the links to previous:

If you want to know more about this interactive world visit Mills & Boon's The Chatsfield here. And here's a little blog post I wrote about my 'stay' in The Chatsfield.

Gwen and Hayes continue their stand-off:

~ * ~

The paparazzi were on her badly enough as it was. If they got hold of that secret, she’d be destroyed.

‘We’re not doing this then?’ she asked testily, fighting panic as she heard herself issue an ultimatum she couldn’t live with. She needed this.


Oh God, what a lowering admission. She prayed he didn’t realise how much.

His eyes narrowed in a small flinch and she thought he stopped breathing a moment as he debated his response.

‘Take off the wig,’ he finally said, and folded his arms.

A flood of relief went through her. His demand for payment before he’d fetch her case told her he didn’t want to end this either. That was good, but she didn’t obey him. Her attention was splintered, half of it screaming with urgency that the case be brought inside the locked door for safety, but she refused to give in to any sort of weakness in herself.

~ * ~

You can buy The Secret In Room 823 as a stand alone title (in the UK), or as part of The Chatsfield Boxed Set Vol.2. In North America, it's part of The Chatsfield Boxed Set Vol.2.

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