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If you're losing track, you're not alone. I knew promoting all these summer titles would be a challenge. Today's is another snippet from my August novella, The Secret In Room 823, available in the UK as a lone title and up for preorder here in N.America as part of The Chatsfield Boxed Set, Vol 2.


Basically, the #SampleSundays are my Presents titles, the #TeaserTuesdays are from my Erotic Romance Collection and these #Thursday13s are a bit more random. I did the opening 13 lines last week, which was probably premature, but I got lazy. It happens. And thus, I feel committed to continue with the next 13. This impulse may or may not last. I'm learning that I'm extremely rigid and organized except when I don't feel like it. Then I do something else. Yes, you should pity my husband and probably most of my previous employers.

Before I jump in with the magical 13, I'll offer up the links to the latest excerpts in the other categories, in case you haven't seen them yet:

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Also, if you like entering contests for free books, be sure to scroll down after the excerpt. There are quite a few opportunities listed there. I'll just mention here that the Goodreads contest for The Ultimate Seduction closes this Friday and you can enter today (Jun 26th) for a copy of An Heir To Bind Them by visiting my interview at Minxes Of Romance.

Whew! Are we ready yet? Okay, here goes:

~ * ~

Therefore, she found herself fighting the beaming grin that wanted to break across her face and offering him her cool Lady Hamilton-Smythe barely-there smile.

That was, after all, the bitch who was meant to be exorcised tonight.

But appearing aloof was hard when his mouth pulled into a sneer of dismay at her white wig with its prism of color streaked over her left eyebrow.

Call me Hayes, he’d said at their first meeting. She didn’t know if that was because of the deceptive color of his eyes, shifting between brown and green with his level of arousal, or whether it was his real name, first or last. She only knew that she’d looked into those clear, steady eyes at their initial meeting and trusted, blindly and probably very stupidly, but here she was. Again.

He was only wearing his jeans, as if he’d thrown off his shirt in a fit of overheating. Another hint that she affected him as strongly as he affected her, but she squelched the yearning for an emotional connection and focused on the physical. Tanned skin stretched taut over gorgeous shoulders, hard pecs and washboard abs as he hooked one disgusted hand at his waist, the other continuing to hold the door open.

Behind his fly, he was hard, making her pulse lunge into a gallop.

‘No,’ he said flatly, demanding that she lift her gaze to his uncompromising stare. She took in the whole of his face with his stubbled jaw set in displeasure, his black hair getting long again and messy, as if he’d run his fingers through it.

~ * ~

This short story gets pretty hot and if you like that sort of thing, check out that #TeaserTuesday from Mastering Her Role. Purchase of the erotic collection counts as an entry in Dani's Masked Desires Contest too. You could win one of these awesome masks or an autographed copy of my August Harlequin Presents The Ultimate Seduction.


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