Thursday Thirteen - Travel Must Haves

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A few weeks ago I was sent out of town by my day job on short notice. I'm pretty good at packing in a hurry. Some years ago we had a family situation that sent us driving eight hours back to our home town--I'm not kidding--seventeen times in thirteen months.

So, if you only have enough time before to print this list and pack what's on it, you should be in good shape for your impromptu trip. I am taking for granted you will pack enough underwear and socks for the number of days you plan to be away, plus one dress up outfit with a decent pair of shoes.

Remember to also take:

  1. Bathing suit - Number one because it's the most often forgotten item by at least one family member per trip.
  2. Workout gear - I know, this doesn't sound like vacation to some of you, but I've come to love working out as part of my downtime when I'm not squeezing it in around the rest of my busy life.
  3. Feminine protection, birth control or other necessary equipment for the privates.
  4. Razor.
  5. Spare glasses or contacts and contact lens solutions/eye drops.
  6. Medication.
  7. Identification and other important papers like a marriage certificate or proof your ex knows you're transporting your child across a border
  8. Camera.
  9. Chargers. Good luck keeping them from becoming a tangled mess of fishing tackle.
  10. Snacks - Particularly important for diabetics, but always helpful if you have children or, like me, act like a child when your blood sugar dips.
  11. Credit card and cash.
  12. Tickets and Itinerary, address and phone number of where you're going.
  13. Phone number for whoever is watching your house, feeding your cat. Remember to ask someone to feed the cat.

With any luck, next week I'll post the last 13 words of my WIP. I'm sooo close to The End.