Thursday Thirteen - Things To Do Today

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  1. Thursday Thirteen (why can I not find strikethrough? This one's done, duh)
  2. Prepare #SampleSunday post (Hustled To The Altar, p.62+)
  3. Prepare my First Sale speech for GVC Valentine's Brunch
  4. Prepare handouts for Grand Forks Library and Seed Studio appearances
  5. Banking (bleh)
  6. Clear up email backlog (may require the weekend)
  7. Introduce myself to
  8. Catch up with Graeme, Rita and the gang from Champagne about our upcoming Chat on May 3.
  9. Schedule blog posts on my blogger account.
  10. Clean my office floor (I call it floor-ganized. It's not.)
  11. Take action on the myriad post-it notes on walls, screen, calendar and whiteboard. Crumple and dispose of them.
  12. Go for lunch with husband (can't do dinner, son has basketball)
  13. Check horoscope (may move this to #2) ("The Moon is in Capricorn all day, favoring common sense and consistency.") (Again, where is strikethrough when I need it?)