#Thursday Thirteen - Things To Blog About

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This one has likely been done to death, but I just had an email conversation with a friend about keeping up on blog posts and how hard it is to think of a fresh topic sometimes. So I thought I'd create this cheat sheet and offer it up to you as well. Thursday Thirteen is, of course, a given.

  1. To Do List (Done it. Gotta multi-task!)
  2. Encouragement (C'mon, how hard is it to think of nice things to say?)
  3. Interview awesome people (I could start with Audra for helping me think of this topic.)
  4. Recently read books (Include a review and link for extra karmic points.)
  5. Favourite movies (yes we spell favourite with a 'u' in Canada. Also neighbour and colour. I don't know why. There is no 'I' in Canada, but lots of 'u's.)
  6. Great quotes (You've come to the well once too often. --Jim Ignatowski, Taxi)
  7. Any sort of savings tip--money, time, etc. (See above remark about the well. I'm a mess in this department.)
  8. Great places to visit. (I just saw a Thurs13 on castles in Ireland. It was fantastic.)
  9. Feminist rant. (People say you shouldn't bring politics into your blog, that you can alienate readers, but seriously, quit telling us to shut up.)
  10. Gratitude. (I had a #30DaysOfThanks going on twitter and I loved it. So did my friends. I fell out of the habit, but I am thankful for this post for reminding me to start it up again.)
  11. Excerpt from your work in progress. (Note: this can be your life or hobby, not just a book. Working on a designation or adult education course? Talk about where you're at. Perhaps you're a painter or a carpenter. Post a photo or piece of whatever you are working on. Before and after is always interesting.)
  12. A Bucket List moment. (Anything that you have achieved that was on your Bucket List.)
  13. Giveaways! (Seriously, I have a telescope in my bedroom I am so sick of looking at. I'm told it's worth approx $75 if I want to put it on Craigslist. Contact me if you can make it go away.)