Thursday Thirteen - Reasons To See Me In Nelson This Saturday

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  1. Hello, it's me. I'll be speaking at the Seed Studio, somewhat terrified which always makes me blurt out something unexpected.
  2. It's Nelson. Who doesn't love Nelson?
  3. We'll have cookies and coffee.
  4. My books will be for sale.
  5. I'll sign them if you want.
  6. I'll have copies of my workshop handouts that have tables and graphs that reveal how much money there is to be made in publishing today. Who doesn't love handouts?
  7. You could learn stuff about publishing and become a writer.
  8. You could ignore what you learn about publishing and become a writer anyway.
  9. You could come as a reader and listen to the reading.
  10. You can get a sneak peak at The Healer, coming out March 4th.
  11. You could win a Kindle!
  12. You could win a signed book!
  13. You could meet other cool people who like books, writing, social media, coffee, and Nelson.

If you can't make it, you can still enter the draw for the Kindle. Scroll below to subscribe to my newsletter and your name will be entered.