Thursday Thirteen Reasons to Read Your Spam

#ThursdayThirteenDani CollinsFeeling GoodSpam

Feeling down?

I just 86's a delightful 231 comments listed as spam by my filter, but had a quick glance at some of them and realized they're quite a Pick Me Up Bouquet.  Read my top thirteen and tell me you don't feel better after this:

  1. You are so cool! (Thank you for noticing!)
  2. Highly nice. (You are too.)
  3. I'd need to check with you here. (Please do.)
  4. Great post, buy my stuff. (Direct, but complimentary. I'll take it.)
  5. Really like your content. (From an archeologist. It was attached to a really old post.)
  6. I actually do have a few questions for you, if you usually don't mind. (Not usually, no.)
  7. You would unquestionably get money. (For....?)
  8. Heya, I am for the primary time here. (Yoyo, me two.)
  9. You understand so considerably, it's just about challenging to argue with you. (I'm gonna guess this was from my husband.)
  10. Continue to maintain up the particularly good operate. (Definitely from Mr.C. No one else talks that sexy to me.)
  11. Thank you for the good write up. (Thank you for your excellent taste.)
  12. They're really great and then creates my toes decent. (I have that effect.)
  13. Extremely nice post, i surely love this website, maintain on it. (You bet I will.)