Thursday Thirteen - My Valentines

#ThursdayThirteenDani Collins

  1. My husband (of course)
  2. My daughter (angel)
  3. My son (made of awesome - only third because we're going by age here)
  4. My parents (had to be together, can't play favourites)
  5. My sisters (ditto)
  6. Their husbands (double ditto - very competitive guys.)
  7. My nephew and his still cookin' sibling (could move these up the list)
  8. My kids Other Moms (you know who you are and that I love you)
  9. My in-laws (patient people, all of them)
  10. My editors (seriously not playing favourites on that one and they truly are spectacular)
  11. My writer pals (you also know who you are and that I adore you AND your books)
  12. My readers :)
  13. Everyone else - What can I say? I like to be inclusive.

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