The Sheikh's Sinful Seduction - Release Day!

#SampleSundayharlequin presentsThe Sheikh's Sinful SeductionRelease Day

March 1st is the official release day for The Sheikh's Sinful Seduction!


If that's not exciting enough, check out how much it's starting to look like Spring here! This was the view from my kitchen window this morning (and the reason I love where I live.)


Life is pretty darned good right now, except I'm working on my next Presents and I'm eager to share details, but I've already jinxed this story once by talking about it. I told my editor my life and the book were cooperating. Now my husband wants to start a bathroom reno today and I've been stuck at forty thousand words all week.

So I have to keep this short and get back to my manuscript. I don't have a #SampleSunday for you today. I'll post the links below if you've missed any in this series and I hope you're dropping by for The Bachelor's Baby #TeaserTuesday. The Bachelor's Baby comes out this Friday, March 6th, and the Bachelor Auction is such a fun series. I can't wait to hear what you think of all these stories.


Have you missed any of this series? Here are the links to the previous excerpts:

  1. Fern arrives at the oasis and takes in Zafir.
  2. Zafir is taken with Fern
  3. Fern wishes Zafir would take a hike
  4. Fern wonders if Zafir will steal a kiss
  5. Fern steals a peek at Zafir
  6. Zafir steals a kiss

The Sheikh's Sinful Seduction is in my local stores so I hope you'll look for it in yours. Alternately, it's available at all these online retailers:

Mills & Boon | Harlequin | Kobo | Nook | BAM | Amazon: US | Canada | UK

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Have a great weekend!