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The Secret Billionaire's Mistress is my short, sexy, prequel to The Secret Billionaires trilogy I wrote with Rachael Thomas and Jennifer Hayward. Look for the books May, June, and July. Read the prequel here - it's free!.

The Secret Billionaires are high-octane tycoons who need a fresh challenge. Sebastien, the hero of the prequel, bets them they can't go two weeks without their fortunes and the power that comes with their names. They go for it--and wind up risking more than they bargained for.

Depending when you read this, the link may have changed. (This is what comes of having something publish online while Mercury is in retrograde.) I'll try to update it when I have the new one, but please drop me a line through my contact page if you have trouble finding it.

Behind The Scenes

I feel like I'm busy, but not getting anything finished, just started. Here's one of the things that I have been working on:

I've realized my office is overrun by author copies. I will be setting up some giveaways on Facebook, my website, and of course, in my newsletter. Scroll to the bottom of this blog post for details on how to join or click here.

Another task I have set for myself is to begin using Dragon Dictate. This software goes by many names, but the basic idea is to talk instead of type. It's a very different process! My first few attempts made me feel as though I was learning to write all over again.

The next biggest challenge has been that my husband is home all day. He's been off work since having carpal tunnel surgery. This means I'm feeling very self-conscious speaking aloud. What if he hears me? (He so doesn't care.)

Nevertheless, as I was struggling to find my words, I thought I heard him on the stairs. I freaked out, turned off the microphone, and rushed over to close my door. Yes, I am that neurotic.

He's probably on his earbuds anyway. He likes to listen to music as he putters around the house.

And no, in case you're wondering. I'm not suffering carpal tunnel issues myself. I don't have any reason to worry except statistics. But I would rather hone the dictation skill now, than try to master it on-the-fly because I suddenly found myself in pain from an injury.

I'm not sure 'writing' this blog post by dictating it has saved me much time. (I am revising the old fashioned way.) But I'm given to understand practice may not make perfect, but it will make me faster, more accurate, and more comfortable with the process. So I shall persevere!

Have you ever tried dictation software? I have a writer friend who uses it and winds up leaving voicemails where she says the punctuation aloud. Period.

Works In Process

Something I'm often asked if I ever work on two projects at once. Ha! I have been genuinely frustrated at times that I couldn't literally--physically--type two books at one time. My biggest hope from this dictation software is that I'll be able to dictate one book while typing another. What do you mean, I sound like a workaholic?

I'm kidding, of course. The real answer, however, is that yes, it is very common for me to have more than one book in progress. I typically complete a book, submit it, and start a new project while the first is with my editor. When her revision letter arrives, I stop writing the second book and switch back to the first. Right now, I have outdone myself. I'm waiting for a revision letter and have started three different projects. (It's a long story.)

To some extent, it's a time management thing. I like to know that I have a solid proposal ready for when a current book is accepted. I am not the type of author who enjoys writing right up to deadline. I like to know what my assignment is, then set myself crazy, unrealistic goals and stress out to imaginary deadlines. This is totally true. Ask my husband.

This routine is also a hold over from before I was published. At that time I would submit a manuscript, then start something new so that if I received a rejection (when I received a rejection) I would already be invested in a new project and wouldn't quit out of discouragement.

And my husband has since told me that a huge sign of being a workaholic is starting projects before finishing others. So. Ahem.

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Other News

I'll have more news in May as I start #SampleSundays for Xenakis's Convenient Bride. If you're waiting for more Sauveterres, they're scheduled thusly:

Book Three (Ramon) - Bound By The Millionaire's Ring, October 2017
Book Four (Trella) - Prince's Son Of Scandal, January 2018

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I'm going to end it here. Thank you for being part of my dictation experiment! If you would like to receive updates on my progress and other projects, please join my newsletter. When you confirm, you'll receive a link to download Cruel Summer for free as a welcome gift.

Have a great weekend,