The Happiest Place On Earth Redux

It is really cool to go to conference as a published author

Which is my cryptic way of confessing that I hit the RWA Conference in Anaheim on my way to a family wedding in Vegas.  And despite the damning photo posted to the INTERNET by my dear friend Cathryn, I did NOT go to Disneyland.  If I were to go without my daughter, she'd kill me.

I have many, many notes to transcribe, which I'll get to soon, but wanted to start by sharing a link which is the transcription of the luncheon speech by Stephanie Laurens.  I arrived late so missed it, but it was the talk of the conference.  Why?  See for yourself:

As said, I'll recap some of my notes in a later blog, but I'll sum it up with the takeaway lesson from Stephanie and the entire conference: It Is A Great Time To Be An Author.  Shoot for the moon.