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It's not quite Friday. For me it's only Thursday night, but I've been falling down on the blogging lately and thought I should catch you up with all that I'm up to--not that it's earth shattering. I'm writing of course.

What am I writing? Well, I just sent off what will be my fourth Harlequin Presents. I may have a few more revisions on that one before all heads are nodding. It's a revenge premise, my first, so I'm struggling with whether I made my hero likable enough. He's really mad.

I'd like to have a partial to my editor in the next few weeks for my fifth. That way it'll be full steam ahead on that manuscript through the summer when some of the promotional commitments back off.

Promo! I've been blogging everywhere about Proof Of Their Sin. I'm planning a Thursday 13 recap soon so if you've missed some and you're bored at work, you'll have some light reading to look forward to.

I'll keep up the #SampleSunday, but I've been thinking that I'd like to do a serial here. I was going to write a novella, but it just occurred to me that I have a pair of perfectly good manuscripts I want to rework anyway...  Hmm. Something to think about after conference.

I'm attending the National Conference of Romance Writer's of America in Atlanta this July. My friend Cathryn Parry and I will be giving a workshop called: The Joy Of Writing, With Or Without A Contract. Fun for all stages (of a writer's career.) Cathryn has been a stalwart friend through a lot of tough rejections and other heartbreaks so I'm really looking forward to sharing some of the coping strategies we've developed (sometimes more like interventions) to keep each other positive. Of course that means I need to write them down so that's another item on the To Do list in the next few weeks.

I'll be attending the literacy autographing at the conference as well--something I've always envied other writers so I'm very much looking forward to that. Of course I'd like to offer a few giveaways so that means getting my swag in order. (Bookmarks and adhesive note pads at this point.)

Something else I'm very stoked about is my first opportunity to meet my editor with Harlequin Presents/Mills & Boon Modern, Megan Haslam. We've chatted on the phone and emailed plenty, but in person is always better for getting to know someone, right? I expect it to be a mostly social thing, but I don't want to be caught unprepared if she asks, "So what's next?" That means getting my next projects out of my head and sketched onto a napkin at the very least. (Feel free to send me a wishlist of your favourite tycoon/setting/premise combo. I'll see what I can do.)

I'm also working on another pair of books that I'll talk about when the time is right. There's some conference prep to do for that project as well.

And what if the agent of my dreams walks up and says, "I can get you a six figure deal. What do you have?" Hint, the correct answer is not, Duhhh. So I want to know what I'm going to say if that happens.

Along those lines, I've been making notes for a career plan and I'd like to gel that into something more formal before I'm surrounded by industry professionals. It includes a book trailer, but I need to write the script before I can go anywhere with that.

So, as usual, my plate is full, my hands are full, my mouth is full. I think I've dropped some down my T-shirt into my lap and if we had a dog, he'd be cleaning the floor. Did I mention that contest season is starting and I have books to enter? Plus I've been promising to post a printable book list which seems like nothing, but it's One More Thing.

I've made one solid decision, though: to learn all I can at conference about Street Teams before I dive headlong into starting one.

I know, I know! I was planning a post for The Writer's Vineyard about over-committing. I was going to post it on my day last Wednesday, but if you can believe it, I got the dates mixed up and had already missed my slot by a week. No, I don't know how it happened. Weird, right?

Have a great weekend and let me know what you think about my serial idea.