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I finished all the #TeaserTuesdays for Blame The Mistletoe last week, but will give you a very little sneak peek at my next Montana Born book below.


The next one, featuring Blake's sister, Meg, won't come out until next Spring. In fact, after The Russian's Acquisition comes out in November, I won't have a new book until March 2015! ( Join my newsletter if you want to be notified when it does.)

And don't worry, I'll be writing like a mad woman behind the scenes. I'm just warning you that you'll probably only see posts on Sundays for a while, telling you how boring my life is. In fact, I plan to do a NaNoWriMo challenge in November, which will keep me writing fast and hard. I had thought I would post some preparation blogs here, even designed a logo for it, but I've really been burning myself out lately and decided to just chill on over-committing. Doing the challenge is enough.

But I will have at least three more excerpts in the #SampleSunday for The Russian's Acquisition series before I go on hiatus.

And if you missed the #SampleSunday for Hometown Hero or the #TeaserTuesday series for Blame The Mistletoe, the links are here:

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I don't want to say too much about this story, especially because it's not finished yet. The title hasn't even been finalized. But here's their first meet. Meg pegs him as the new guy in town as Linc helps her get her brother's truck back on the road.

~ * ~

She left the engine running and climbed out to thank him while he unhooked.

“Just being neighborly,” he dismissed. “Chicago, huh?”

“That’s right.”

“In town long?”

“Just a few days, cleaning out my old bedroom for my new niece.”

He nodded, sweeping a slower look over her that was very male and approving. It was like stepping off a plane into the tropics, surrounding her in sultry warmth. She swallowed.

“Why?” she asked, hearing a faint huskiness of receptiveness in her voice. Ask me out.

His mouth, which she was starting to think was definitely sexy, pursed in a rueful hint of vacillation. He decided to go for it, saying, “I was going to suggest, if you had time before you left, that you might like to drop by and see the place. If you’re interested.”

Bam. Chemistry. Right there in the steady green stare of sexual attraction he leveled into her eyes.

Global warming struck like a meteor because even though they were surrounded by snow and ice, she melted under a wash of incredible heat. Completely incinerated under his gaze, breath evaporating and face warming.

Oh yes, her hormones were interested. Very interested.

They held the silent connection for a long time, long enough for her heart to begin to flutter with nervous excitement and her brain to throw a panic party. Was she seriously thinking of sleeping with a stranger?

She was so discomfited by her own reaction, she fell back a step, mostly amused, but a little bit stung by how slick he was. That wasn’t an invitation to dinner he’d just issued. And it wasn’t like she hadn’t had her share of smooth lines from fast operators in the city, but she expected better from the men around here, she really did.

“Even though I’m only in town for a few days. Or because I am?” she challenged, still trying to decide if she was insulted or flattered.

“I’m not a man for complications.”

~ * ~

It will be part of a new series with Montana Born that I'll talk about more when all the pieces are in place. Meanwhile, I'll remind you that Hometown Hero is part of the Montana Born Homecoming Series. These are loosely linked stories, not actual sequels, but if you like to read in order, here are all the authors and their release dates:


And this is the 'A Marietta Christmas' series, which are not linked to each other, but all revolve around the fictional town of Marietta and my Blame The Mistletoe follows Hometown Hero. What I'm saying is, you can read these in any order:



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