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Hi #TeaserTuesday fans! I shall now break your heart and tell you that this will be my last excerpt from this book. Sorry, but the second book in this 2in1 needs attention so when you come back here next week, you'll meet Ann/Violet and Porter.

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Dominic asked her to change. Here's how she reacts:

~ * ~

“I—” Undress? That was quite an icebreaker.

“You…?” he prompted.

“I thought you wanted to talk.”

“I thought you wanted to explore your sexuality.”

She could change or she could leave. He offered the choice with silent patience.

Ignoring how crazy this was, she ducked behind the screen.

A small table stood behind it. It had a drawer but she didn’t snoop within it, just set her purse on top. The mirrors on the inside walls of the screen startled her but turned out to be useful once she got the dress on.

The fabric felt like air in her hands, a silk knit that weighed nothing and clung like a second skin, hiding not one single flaw. Her breasts almost fell out the top and she couldn’t seem to tug it more than an inch below the cheeks of her backside. Did he really expect her to parade these thighs of hers before him? And the panty lines? Ugh.

“It’s too small,” she said from behind the screen.

“Let me see.”

Blushing furiously, she stepped out just far enough to catch a glimpse of him with her peripheral vision. He was rearranging furniture.

“It’s fine,” he said, “but did I give you the bra and underwear?”


“Then take them off.”

“You’re not serious.”

“Do you feel desirable right now, Arianne?”


“Then take them off.”

She did and eyed the result. Her breasts didn’t sit as high and they moved around a lot more, but the fabric was so insubstantial her nipples stood out like pencil erasers. Without her panties, her hips had a smooth curve to them, which she had to admit was more attractive, but the skirt was still too short.

“Let me see,” he said again.

It was just as difficult to step beyond the privacy of the screen. She didn’t feel as unappealing, but she felt incredibly exposed.

He had created a large space in the center of the room and placed the stool there. As she revealed herself, he floated the blue sheet over the stool so it became a bump in an island of blue.

“Come. All the way. Here is your space, here is mine.” He pointed at the square. “Stand here a moment so I might admire.”

Cringing every step, she started forward.

“Why are you wearing your sandals?”

She kicked them off and continued until she felt the cool, slippery fabric of the blue sheet beneath her feet.

“You forgot your posture at home?”

Looking at the ceiling, she straightened her spine, tugging at the hem of the skirt when she felt it climb.

“Ah. Better with the hands at the sides.” He paced the edges of the sheet, examining her from all sides. “How do you feel?” he asked in a lowered tone.

“Stupid. Ridiculous. Inadequate. Like I’m trying to be something I’m not.”

“Those are emotions. Tell me what you feel physically. Is there relief from removing your bra?”

“Yes.” She felt much more comfortable actually.

“Are you cold?”

Her nipples. She clenched her eyes shut. “They just do that. I don’t know why.”

“What does what?”

“My—” She waved a hand in front of her chest. “They just poke out that way. They always have, even before I really had anything up there.”

“Your nipples.”


“So you’re not cold?”

“Not when I’m blushing this hard, no.” Honestly, he was certainly as pigheaded and demanding as Jason.

“What about your legs? Why do you keep pulling on the dress like that? You’ll tear it.”

She smoothed it with her hands instead. “It’s too short.”

“So you’re self-conscious, but not cold. What else do you feel? Physically?”

“I don’t know. The sheet is soft under my feet.” She curled her toes into it. “My hair is soft on my shoulders.”

“Gather it up and let it fall down your back.”

She lifted her arms, but as she picked up her hair, she felt the dress climb, felt the neckline shift on her breasts so more of her swelled out the top than stayed inside.

“Hold right there a moment,” he commanded softly, his gaze hot along her front. “Tell me what you feel.”

“I don’t think I can do this,” she whispered, but held the position, dying.

“Separate the feelings, Arianne. How does your hair feel in your hands?”

“Soft. Heavy. Silky. Thick.”

“Good. And your hands on your head?”

“Warm. Familiar. My arms are aching a little.”

“Hold just a moment more. How do your nipples feel when they’re erect like that? Tight?”

“Yes.” Her voice shook with the strain. “They kind of hurt. Like they’re being pinched.”

“Oh, Arianne, that’s lovely,” he said with warm approval, pacing slowly out of her sight, behind her. “Keep going. What else?”

~ * ~

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