RWA 2013 - Saturday, Last Day

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Photo is me with editor Megan Haslam, from Mills and Boon London, and Megan Crane/Caitlin Crews. I know, looks like there's only three of us, but there's actually four. Maybe I should change my name to Megan to avoid confusion? After the marathon that is an RWA conference, it's…

RWA 2013 - Indie vs Traditional

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In case you're just coming across my posts, I've been blogging about the RWA conference I attended in Atlanta this year. Here are the previous posts: RWA 2013 - Overview RWA 2013 - RWA-WF Mini Conference RWA 2013 - Floorganized RWA 2013 - Wednesday Cont'd RWA 2013 - Thursday RWA…