Adara and Gideon

#SampleSunday - More Than A Convenient Marriage

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I very nearly forgot to set up my post. I've had a wonderfully productive day and was about to knock off for the night and realized I was forgetting something. First I wanted to remind my Goodreads friends to enter my giveaway. Goodreads Book Giveaway More than a Convenient Marriage?…

#SampleSunday - More Than A Convenient Marriage

#SampleSundayAdara and GideonDani Collinsexcerptharlequin presentsMakricosta Seriesmills and boonMore Than A Convenient Marriageno longer forbidden

On the heels of learning Friday that the third book in this series has been accepted (look for it in June) I'll post another snippet from this, the second book. See the first sample, the opening pages, here. This comes right after that, switching from Gideon's point of view to…