#SweepUpSunday - Still Catching Up

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This isn't a real #SampleSunday, but there is a sneak peek at my WIP if you scroll down.

For those of you who haven't seen it announced elsewhere, the winners of my Masked Desires contest are:

1) Ashley (His & Hers Masks)
2) Cherri-Anne (Tiffany Mask)
3) Catherine (signed copy of The Ultimate Seduction)
(Winners have been notified and prizes sent.)


The contest is over, I'm home from my big adventure, I'm finally recovering from my cold, and summer is winding down. All of my summer titles are still available electronically, but the print copies of my August book, The Ultimate Seduction, are disappearing from shelves. (Hopefully in a good way.)

I didn't have much luck posting while I was away, mostly because I was completely enamored with my niece and nephew. Here's a photo from our walk along the river at Southbank in Brisbane:


Now I've come home to the typical chores that have backed up while I was away. Dentist, laundry, dusting etc. My daughter is readying to return to university so I'll be out of town again before I've properly unpacked. I have to get her a new phone before she leaves too. So not excited about going through that process.

All I want to do is write. And I know you're as anxious for Demitri's story to be completed and on the shelves as I am! As of this writing I have roughly twenty-thousand words to go. It hasn't been seen by my editor at all, so things may change, but I wanted to share a snippet. Here's Demitri's first exchange with Natalie, the heroine:

~ * ~

“I need to speak to you,” Demitri said.

Natalie glanced up and felt the full impact of Demitri Makricosta, the youngest brother of the family that employed her. The one with the scandalously disreputable reputation. She’d seen him in person before, but always from a distance. Never like this, with his dark brown eyes pushing her back into her chair then making a proprietary inspection of her buttons.

He was incredibly attractive. That fact was legendary across the hotel chain and impossible to ignore when he was barely ten feet away.

She tried comparing him to his older brother, Theo, who bore a resemblance but was more polished, kept a low profile, was excruciatingly polite, and remembered every name and number he came across.

But there was no minimizing this man. All she could think was how Demitri was known for the wicked streak that was evident in his winged eyebrows and distant smile. Also for the women he picked up effortlessly and his utter disregard for little things like policies and procedures. Greek by birth, but raised in America, he had the Mediterranean warmth to his skin tone under a shadow of stubble. He dressed like a citizen of the world in tailored pants and a suit vest buttoned over his shirt that accented his very fine shoulders and trim waist. He looked like the hottest of the nineteen-twenties gangsters.

Bad. He looked very, very bad. Full to the brim with sin.

She glanced up from taking him in and her gaze tangled with his. One of his superior brows went up in challenge of her checking him out. This was definitely a different kind of man from any she’d ever known. Sharp and far too knowing. How mortifying to be so obvious.

Swallowing her discomfiture, she glanced at Monsieur Renault as she rose.

“I’ll go back to my office and you can call me when you’re done. It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Makricosta,” she said as she approached the door, expecting him to move aside and give her a dismissive nod.

“It’s you I want to talk to, Miss...?” He held out a hand.

Shock made her hesitate before she placed her hand in his and was jolted by the warm grip that enclosed hers. “Adams,” she provided in a jagged, baffled voice. “Me? Are you sure?” Who did he think she was?

“I’m sure. Show me to your office.” He released her and waved her into the hall.

Brushing past him, cooking in self-conscious warmth, she walked ahead of him down the narrow hall to her shared office. Her co-workers were absent from their desks, leaving an isolated mood in the small, musty smelling room with its rain blurred windows.

When he closed the door behind them, she felt like all the oxygen was pulled out. “I’m not sure—?”

“Leave my brother-in-law alone,” he said flatly.

~ * ~

Natalie is not the least bit guilty of even flirting with a married man, don't worry! But Demitri's suspicions come around to boot him in the butt later. What do you think so far?

I have one more blog post to write for my blog tour, this one for my 2in1 Erotic Romances. This is the point in my post where I should offer a round-up but I've had family here the last few nights, spent the morning writing, and have to get off this computer and do something productive like wash dishes. Or clean my office. Or make my bed.

Has your summer left your house looking like it was rented out to raccoons like mine has?

I'll be honest and admit that I'm relieved to have the summer promotion blitz behind me. I have some time to finish up Demitri before I start promoting my next batch of new releases which are a pair of novellas from Tule Publishing coming late September and early October. I'm super excited to get those out to you and see what you think of my contribution to the wonderful town of Marietta.

I mentioned the titles and shared one of the covers in my last blog post, but I should have clarified that the October Montana Born (set in Marietta) book, Blame The Mistletoe, is a Christmas story.

Then I have a November Presents, The Russian's Acquisition, which looks like this:


Super hot, eh?

So I have two Tule Montana Borns coming in September and October, a Presents in November, then another Montana Born (which I still have to write) that will come out in February, then a March Presents.

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Given this schedule, I should quit droning on here and do some real work, right? Sometimes these posts help me clarify where I'm really at, though, so I appreciate your patience in letting me drone.

I'll close with my buy links, in case you missed any of these awesome summer titles (or any of my others.) I'll also promise to look at my conference notes with an eye to offering some Tuesday and Thursday posts. Reviewing my notes is something I want to do anyway and turning them into a blog post helps me sort through them, so I really will try to get to that.

Finishing Demitri is my priority, though. My secret goal is to complete the draft by end of August. You'll be the first to know if I make it. Well, the second. I usually tell my husband when I've completed a manuscript so he knows I'll cook that night. That's a joke. But not entirely.

Have a great weekend.

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