Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award

I was thrilled to open an email off my contact page the other day and find that the lovely Sharon Buchbinder had nominated my blog for a Sunshine Award.

It's a little like a chain letter--and I have hard and fast rules about those things (never)--but this is such a nice gesture and, since there were no threats about my computer getting herpes or book sales plummeting, I am delighted to participate. Here are the rules:

  1. Post the photosunshine-award
  2. Thank the person who presented you with the award and link them in your blog post. (Thanks, Sharon)
  3. Do the Q and A that comes with the award (see below).
  4. Present the award to 10-12 other bloggers and link them to your blog (see way below)

Favourite colour: (spelled with U's, 'cause I'm Canadian) Depends on the purpose. Kitchen walls? Bathroom? Clothing on me? My husband? Speaking of MrC, he is known to be a real bear when asked a question like this. If you ask him, What's your favourite movie, he'll say, 'What genre?' And when you start suggesting genres, like, say, action, he'll say, what subgenre? Invasion? Political? Superhero? We don't like to play favourites in this house.

Favourite animal: Here we are supposed to say, Why of course it is our cat, Buddy, but he is a complete pain the behind. He demands to be let out at 11pm and wants to come in at 4:10 am. Go ahead, ignore him. He CLIMBS TO THE BALCONY WITH MUCH SCRAPING AND THUMPING AND MEOWS AT THE BEDROOM'S FRENCH DOORS. We've tried putting up blockades, taking down the lattice. He's a ninja and always turns up with an insistent yowl and a scratching of claws on the door. Seriously want to drop him off the balcony at that point, but who said the kids could have a pet in the first place? This is our punishment and we are paying our debt to society.

Favourite number: Um, what was my last advance? Times it by itself.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: I'm writing this on a Friday night. What a silly question. I very much love coffee and my body keeps telling me to cut back on it. So far it tolerates wine just fine so I am focusing on that.

Facebook or Twitter: You can choose? I thought you had to do both, like it was law or something. Truth is, I love the Twitter. It's my social media of choice, but now that I've got the hang of Facebook, I like it, too. Don't look at my Pinterest boards. I keep begging my daughter to take over that account and apparently she's too busy. Ungrateful...

Getting or Receiving presents: I'm lousy at both. Please lower your expectations.

Favourite pattern: I've never been asked this, but have to say the less busy the better and something soft, like clouds or rainbows that are not harshly delineated. That's if we're talking visually. My ultimate favourite pattern would be the recurring themes in astrology. They make sense to me.

Favourite day of the week: Friday. Right now, Friday night is my only 'off' time and I'm writing a blog. But this is a fun one so I don't mind ;)

Favourite flower: Okay, now I'm being asked to choose between my best friends. I LOVE flowers. What genre of flower are we talking about? Favourite flower that reminds you of someone? Flowers you can eat? Flowers that deer don't eat?

Favourite blogs: I'm sure some of these blogs have received the Sunshine Award before. They're awesome peeps. Here goes:

  1. The gals at Moody Muses
  2. Jennifer Crusie's Blog, ArghInk
  3. Peter at HowToWriteFast
  4. Lucy Monroe (I recently rediscovered her Career Plan articles. They are GOLD)
  5. Wonk-o-mance
  6. Alma Katsu at Endpaper Notes (tons of good info on social media)
  7. Under The Abaya (fascinating blog that I stumbled on doing research for a book)
  8. Lisa Pietsch (more good stuff on social media)
  9. Kristen Lamb at WarriorWriters
  10. Paloma Beck at Romance Beckons (has an incredibly loyal band of followers)