Sunday Ramblings

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We're not always told when a book has been translated, so I was THRILLED to discover that More Than A Convenient Marriage is already in Portugese and available on Amazon Brazil under the title WEDDINGS AND PASSION. Here's the cover:

BrazilwMayaGoogle translates the blurb thusly:

Began with a contract.
Rich, powerful and married to a beautiful woman, the Greek tycoon
Gideon Vozaras has everything. The problem is that this perfect life is but a facade ... Adara wants a fresh start, and asks for a divorce, but he is not at all willing to sign the papers. If there is something that Gideon learned in the past was playing dirty to preserve what is yours!

It's a riot, isn't it? Here's the extra fun note: It's paired with a book by Maya Blake and if you read last week's blog, you'll know she is one of my new favourite people, along with the equally awesome Victoria Parker, both of whom were recent collaborators with me.

I've been teasing about this continuity and will continue to tease. Gag order. Sorry.

I also promised last week to reveal more about the book I'm due to turn in end of this month/year and shall make good on that promise (as well as I can). I attended the online pow-wow with Harlequin Series Digital First and learned that the manuscript I turned in a while back is essentially waiting for this December book before they release together. (ahem) They are… wait for it, because anticipation that approaches torture is apropos for this genre… erotic romances. VERY sexy. I'll talk more about how these books came to be once they're scheduled.

In other news, my blog tour for More Than A Convenient Marriage continues this week. Look for me here:

1312_hp_community_authorAlso watch for the eHarlequin Open House on Dec 10th. I'll be working, but will pop in the morning of and definitely in the evening. Lots of authors will be offering giveaways, including me, so do come by.

After this week, I have a little break from the blog tour, then I start promoting my February title, A Debt Paid In Passion. I'm working on a book signing in Kelowna and have a date mid Feb to be at the Vancouver Public Library. Must put it in my Events page, but I'm still learning how to use that system.

Now I've just invited my parents for lunch and haven't written word one on the WIP. Must get my act together. Oh, but first I'm going to schedule a #ThursdayThirteen post. I haven't done one in a while, so come back for that if time allows.

Have a great week.