Summer Is Upon Us

I totally ripped off this photo from my husband. He drives a mountain pass to work every day and he took this the other morning. The weather and wildlife make every day different, but it's dangerous so I thought this was a good caption. Also, this is a sunrise, not a sunset, but it could be either. I'm so profound, right? Feel free to share it if you like it.

Many of you are probably enjoying a long weekend. We had our May long weekend last week and that means summer is definitely upon us. The grocery store parking lot was full and I had to wait to turn onto the highway. Both are Sure Signs. Also, after some hot, dry spells, we now have rain--and I'm not complaining. With the wildfire season so bad here last year, I'm glad to see everything green, green, green.

Here's a shot off our back deck toward the storm that rolled through last night off the lake.

I'm keeping this super short today, hoping to get my word count in and get out to the garden if the sun makes an appearance later.

Enjoy your weekend!