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Shhh. I'm giving you a very quick snippet from His Blushing Bride. I just finished revising it today and can't wait to share, but it still has miles to go before it becomes a #SampleSunday (or #TeaserTuesday) and finally an ebook on your reading device.


I don't even have the final cover, although I've seen it and it looks fabulous with the other three up there. Actually, at some point I think my Bachelor cover will be revised to match the rest, but for now I'm good with sexy Linc giving us that sexy look.

I've had a crazy week and spent a lot of it on the road. I posted photos from last weekend's road trip and went over the pass twice this week for bathroom reno stuff. I'm posting this on Saturday from the car dealership. I went yet a third direction this morning (and over two more passes) to grab a few more things for the bathroom and get the car serviced.

This is the downside to living rural. Everything you need is a long drive or a long wait. C'est la vie.

Before I get to the sneak peek, I want to let you know that I'll be attending Nancy Warren's Almost Wives Club Facebook Party this Sunday. I hope you'll drop by! My timeslot is 6:30pm Pacfic time (9:30pm Eastern.) I'll be giving away something that I have yet to organize. Did you have any suggestions from my backlist?

I also have a couple of chats on the 26th and 29th. I'll post those when I get the links.


Okay, here's your sneak peek from His Blushing Bride. I chose it because I thought you might enjoy catching up with Liz and Blake from Blame The Mistletoe. Sebastian (Bastian) is Liz's brother.

~ * ~

It was the sort of jumbled family life Bastian wished he and Liz had had: disorganized rather than dysfunctional. Good for you, sis.

Over dinner, Blake made the same apology about not having a room for him.

Bastian quickly dismissed his concern. “Do you know the Tierneys? I’m staying at their house. It’s perfect. Quiet during the day. Once I have a laptop, I’ll get a lot done.”

“I like Miss Tierney. She’s super nice,” Petra said. “But, um...” Pet hesitated and looked to Blake. “Do you know what happened to her face? Like, is that a burn on her cheek or...? Someone said it was a birthmark, but it’s pretty big.”

Blake looked to Ethan. “Piper Tierney?”

“Yeah. I’m pretty sure it’s a birthmark,” Ethan said. “That’s what everyone says.”

“It is,” Blake said, nodding as he stabbed a carrot off his plate. “Kids used to be brutal to her. Not our kids. Everyone here pretty much ignored it, but jocks from other schools made remarks. I punched a kid from Livingston once, for making her cry.”

“You did?” Petra covered her mouth to stifle a surprised giggle.

“Dad. Come on. Canons are lovers, not fighters. We agreed,” Ethan admonished.

“Maybe that’s what it was.” Liz propped her chin in her hand and batted her eyes at her fiancé. “Blake Canon, did you have a crush?”

“No,” he scoffed. “She was way too young, like seven. But the year before, at the fair, I dropped my ice cream. She had just finished hers and sometimes the stick would say you get a free one. She had just won so she gave it to me. I owed her.”

“Ah.” Liz picked up her cutlery. “She had the crush.”

And just like that, Bastian hated his brother-in-law-to-be just a little bit. He hated the guy who’d made Piper cry even more, but he was oddly jealous of Blake’s knowing Piper and earning her affection. She was on the shy side now, in her mid-twenties, still self-conscious. She must have been downright bashful as a child, learning the hard way to be on the defensive. Had she dated at all in high school, he wondered? Or had she been overlooked?

~ * ~

What do you think?

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