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Yeah, I slept in this morning after all the late nights at conference. Now I'm sitting in the airport and since I've run out of pre-written posts, I thought I'd share a few photos from the last week as a sort of Proof Of Life. First, from Seattle:


My vacation actually started with a lovely drive to our old home town outside Vancouver where my husband and I attended our thirtieth high school reunion.

My editor asked me over lunch if reunions are common in Canada. Yes. We usually have reunions every 5, 10, 15, years etc. Turnout was excellent and I talked so much my throat ached. Did I take notes? No. Too busy talking.

Most people don't bring spouses, but since MrC and I graduated together, we both went, separated and worked the room independantly. This gave us lots of gossip to exchange on our drive to Seattle the next day. You have no secrets, Class of '84!

I'm so glad we gave ourselves lots of time to get into Seattle and poke around. The marina above was so pretty and they had a live band playing for a small crowd. It was one of those things we old married couples would do more of if we had the time and fortunately, in this instance, we did.

I flew to San Antonio the next morning for the Romance Writers of America Conference. Here I am having dinner that first night with three other Presents authors: Victoria Parker, Jennifer Hayward, and Tara Pammi.


You'll recall that my collaboration for the Ultimate Series was with Maya Blake and Victoria so it was so nice to meet Victoria in person. I'd met Jen before--good Canadian girl!--and Tara shared my room as she only had time to stay the one night. (Sadness! We missed her and really hope she'll join us in New York!)

Here's the view from my room:


I'm always astonished by flat landscapes. No such thing in the part of Canada I call home. I love the big sky when I visit, and I'll admit that mountains can make you feel claustrophobic, but it still looks strange to me.

The Wednesday night was the Literacy Autographing. Here I am, getting ready for the hordes.


See that dress? My editor helped pick it out. I actually wound up buying two dresses. Apparently she has a reputation for being a bad influence, but I can't fault her taste. I love both of the dresses I picked up and she wore some that I covet. I'm adding, "Shop with Laurie in London" to my bucket list.

After the literacy signing, I went out with Jen and Victoria again. Here we are at Bohana's Steak House, a very posh joint.


We had an amazing dinner. Our pre-dinner cocktails were authentic pre-prohibition era drinks. Mine is a gin rickie, Victoria's was something with muddled raspberries. Yes, the meal was pricey. We said we really ought to have a Presents alpha-male there to buy dinner for us. Then we realized that our Presents heroes kind of were paying for it, which made it all the more of a delicious celebration.

Okay, I've used up half my battery charge writing this so I'll wrap up. Through the week, you can probably expect a few more conference-related posts once I'm settled at my sister's. My expectation is that my nephew will say something cute at least once a day, so watch for the #nephew posts on my Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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I'm forgetting stuff, but it would be just like me to miss my flight because I was writing a blog post. Time to get my head in the game. Please check in through the week for conference posts, especially if you're a writer. I'll have some tips from various workshops.

Have a great week!