Simple Sunday

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I didn't have (didn't make) time to prep a #SampleSunday this week. I was sick last week and have been playing catch up since then. Now here we are at Easter and certain bunnies have certain duties even when their bunnikins are teenagers.

These are the things I am making time for because my writing life is beginning to burn me out. So this is a Simple Sunday when I shall hang a load of laundry on the line, walk down for a newspaper (which probably won't be there, now I think of it) and have dinner with my parents. Yes, I will probably have a glass of wine.

I'm here now, though, so I'll catch you up on a bit of my news before offering up an Easter Treat. This weekend I finished what will be my fourth book with Harlequin. Watch my Facebook Page for excerpts.

Tomorrow I hit the ground running with revisions on it so I can turn it in before receiving revisions from a new editor I'll be working with on a different project. Stay tuned for a proper announcement when I've got all my fuzzy ducklings in a row on that.

I did my first chat with the Fantasy Folk over at Coffee Time Romance on March 23rd and because we're an ambitious bunch, the one hour turned into all day. It also turned into us hosting a webpage, Worlds Of The Imagination, with a soon-to-be regular blog.

See? It's not just me who lets these things grow fast and furiously. I think it's the active imagination of a writer that runs down the path of possibility, taking everything as far as it can go. At least I feel normal now.

My own fast lane has me hitting these locations in the next few weeks:

I know, why would I possibly be feeling burnt out? My problem is, these things are FUN.

In the interest of bringing a little fun into your life, I've just created a coupon code (BL79W) to download Hustled To The Altar for 99 cents off Smashwords. It may not be active until April 1st or 2nd and it expires April 30th, but please share as often as you like.