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I've spent the week out of town at the regional hospital where my teenaged son had his ruptured appendix removed. (He's doing as well as can be expected.) Today it hit me that it was the weekend, I owe a post, and that I have a Facebook party coming up this Tuesday that I should invite you to attend:


Here's the link to join the party Nov 18th. The line up of authors is awesome and we'll all have giveaways. (These are Eastern times. Subtract three hours if you live here on the Westcoast like me.)


I haven't been working much this week. I'm not at my desk (not in my home very much) and really not concentrating, but I've kept up my NanoWrimo word count. I won't say all these new words are gold, but they're there. If I stay on track, I'll top 25k today. Honestly, if I wasn't writing, I'd probably be a basket case. It's such a great coping strategy.



I'm writing my next Presents for Nano. Actually, that's misleading. When I say 'my next' I mean for me. You'll see two other books before this one hits the shelves sometime next fall.

But here's a sneak peek of the first kiss, just for you, my loyal reader. Melodie fell in the pool and Roman has got her a towel in the cabana:

~ * ~

“When you sank like that, I thought I was going to have to come in after you," Roman said.

“It was quite refreshing, to be honest. I needed to cool off.”

She shouldn’t have said that. The sexual tension she was fighting became something they both had to acknowledge, like it was a real thing holding them in its glow.

Melodie found herself staring at his mouth, anticipating its feel against hers. Kisses were about as far as she’d gone on her handful of dates, never really thinking they lived up to the hype. She’d always felt like she was just going through the motions, not really losing herself to the experience. If she wasn’t caught up in that much, there was no use going further with a man.

But she remained ever hopeful that one day, she’d find the man who made things different and today, at least, she wanted to be kissed. Longed to know how it would be with him.

Distantly she was aware of his hand grasping her upper arm. He stepped closer, head tilted.

She dampened her lips. Parted them.

And gasped when he branded her with the heat of his.

So hot, so smooth and commanding, instantly hungry. Claiming like a desert warrior stealing her for his harem. His hand splayed in a firm pressure behind her tailbone, bringing her imperiously into the wall of his muscled frame.

Heat burned through her wet clothing, sealing them tight with only the friction of dampened fabric between them.
He kissed her like he meant it. Like he was making sure she’d never forget this moment. Him. Like she was his and he was ensuring she knew it.

She kissed him back with the same passion, not thinking of anything beyond continuing this pleasure. Letting him have her because what he was doing to her was new and exciting and incredible. His kiss made her feel desired. His tongue stabbed at hers and shivers of delight stung her skin. A flood of arousal seared between her thighs, urging her to lean into him and let a moan of pleasure fill her throat.

“Here you are—oh!” Ingrid said, interrupting them on a breathless burst, then laughed with embarrassed hysteria.

~ * ~

Did you catch my excerpts from The Russian's Acquisition? It's still on shelves, but you can get the first two chapters through these links. Next week I'll set up some quick links to reruns of my other #SampleSunday posts.

  1. Clair arrives at work to a new boss
  2. Aleksy fires her
  3. Clair fights for her job
  4. Clair loses her home as well
  5. Clair fights for her flat & Brighter Days
  6. Aleksy decides he wants Clair

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I'll be giving away pretty much my entire back list at the Facebook party and I have some marvelous goodies from Tule as well. I can't wait!

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It's taken most of the morning to write this, partly because everything grinds to a halt when a nurse walks in, but also because we're watching Anchorman. It's morbidly fascinating.

Have a great weekend. I'll be back soon.