Shared Whispers Re-released

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You may remember my contribution to the anthology Shared Whispers.

Initially it was Kindle only, but was picked up by Champagne Books earlier this year and today they released it on all digital platforms, which is totally awesome.

This is a great way to sample several new and established authors' works. My short story, Heart Of A Rebel, was an attempt to offer a sense of the world building and romance in The Healer, so if you're on the fence about buying that, try this and see what you think. They're both medieval fake-world romance. No dwarves or elves, just a fictional universe with recognizable problems. If you like highlander romances, you'll probably go for these.

As a side note, you can find a reading guide, a character list, and a map for The Healer here.

Be sure to check in with Worlds Of The Imagination through September as several of the writers from Shared Whispers will be guest blogging to talk about their stories.

Here's a teensy excerpt:

Vilander found his arms going around Magi’s womanly shape, pulling her close as he absorbed that he was inordinately glad to see her. Despite the chaos the bird had caused, Vilander had been gripped by an urge to laugh from the moment Magi had walked in. She looked the same as he remembered, only prettier. Her breath clouded against his neck in a suppressed sob and his happiness took a dip into something disturbing. It had been a long time since he’d held a woman and Magi was receptive and warm. She smelled clean and sweet. Her hair tickled his jaw in the way only a woman’s could do. Her breasts flattened on his chest, making him want to cup and test their weight and seek the hardened tips with his thumb and mouth. Her skirts tangled his legs while her limbs trustingly parted for his own. It was too much to bear. He ground his teeth against his natural reaction. He didn’t have time for a tryst. And she wasn’t the kind who welcomed them.

You can buy Shared Whispers here:

Amazon | AllRomance | Kobo | Champagne