Share, please. Photos of my book could win a signed copy.

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As you can imagine, after waiting twenty-five years for a publishing contract, holding my first book is A Big Deal for me.  Sadly, that magic moment hasn't happened yet.

I don't know if the postman lost it, the courier is stuck in the snow, or Santa put me on his naughty list...  Whatever happened, it's not in my hands.  Literally.  I've sent emails.  I'm told the wheels are in motion, but since I live five miles past the end of the earth, I despair of seeing anything before next Christmas.

I knew ahead of time this book wouldn't be available in North America, but that means I can't even go to our local grocery store to visit it.  I could order a used one off of Amazon, but... meh.  That's not my copy.

I was working myself into quite a pout about this.  I mean, other authors wax poetic about the ecstatic moment when the box arrived and their world tilted on its axis.  They post photos of pouring copies of their first book onto their living room floor and rolling around in them...

Not me.  Poor me.

Then I thought, forget that.  I have friends.  They have friends.  Someone knows someone out there in the UK, Australia, or NZ who will take two minutes while browsing a book store to Tweet me a photo of my book in real life.  That's where I really want my books anyway, in bookstores where people can buy and read them.

Will you share this post with your overseas friends, please?  And ask them to send me a photo?  My covers look like this and will be in major bookstores and probably chemists and grocery stores too.  Wherever romance books are sold:

978-0-263-89972-6 Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 10.34.04 AM

Please send photos to any of these places and I'll put together a blog post of them:

I'll even put all the Senders' names in a draw for a signed copy, to be mailed whenever the darned things show up.

Thank You!