School's Out, Summer Is Here!

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We're coming up to Canada Day (July 1st) so I put together a special prize package just for my Canadian fans!


Sorry, international fans. I just couldn't see spending overseas postage to mail something as big and awkward as that sand pail! (Entry form is at the bottom of this post.)

How is your weather? We're in a heat wave that actually warrants an extreme heat warning and a fire ban. I have family coming into town this weekend so guess what I'll be doing a lot of:


I know! I'm a very, very lucky girl.

I'm telling myself I deserve it because I've been working hard on a lot of fronts the last few weeks. At the same time, I feel like everything is in the middle stage, messy and disorganized, nothing quite completed, so it's a bit frustrating.

One of the items I'm trying to finish is my free download. I have one more beta reader turning in comments, then I'll finalize the files and ask a few volunteers to go through the process of downloading the short story off my site.

If you think you would have time to be a guinea pig, please email me this weekend through my contact page. You'd have to sign up for my newsletter, which might cause a duplicate next week when the newsletter goes out, if you're already a member. But my friends at Writerspace are pretty good about combing out duplicates on a regular basis. You'd also have to side load the file and let me know if there were any issues.

My goal is to have all the bugs worked out so my newsletter fans get first crack at downloading. My website developer is worried that it will crash my site, to which I replied, "I can dream of having so many people clamouring for my books that my website crashes within minutes of my newsletter hitting their in box. Let's make that a goal!"

This upcoming newsletter also has a sneak peek at my September Presents, Vows Of Revenge, so do sign up if you haven't already. The easiest way to sign up is to enter my monthly contest so two birds!


Here is the form for the Canada Day giveaway.

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No matter where you live, please enter my monthly contest here.

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Okay, I'm writing this Friday evening--yes, I'm back to that! And it is too hot to cook. I have decided to place an order for pizza, then go for a quick swim until it's ready.