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I wasn't going to post anything today. I'm kind of swamped with a million things, but I had the nicest note from a friend who will miss my workshop in Atlanta with Cathryn Parry.

We're still polishing pieces of it, but I know some of my followers are fellow writers--we're the worst for beating ourselves up when we don't attain a goal, especially if that goal is a publishing contract. And plenty of us get down on ourselves for things we can't control, like real life events that take us away from an otherwise steady path toward success. So for anyone else missing the workshop, I thought I'd post what I told my friend.

The workshop is called, The Joy Of Writing, With Or Without A Contract.

Our workshop is all about how we have to remember that the writing side is the source of joy and the publishing can make you crazy *if you let it*. You are and always have been a writer, even if you went on hiatus. The publishers are there (sort of, lol), the readers are definitely still there. They haven't gone anywhere and will love your stories whenever the universe chooses to help you share them. A chunk of time passed, that's all that happened. You still have lots of opportunity to get that contract and you're actually way ahead of many writers because you have industry knowledge and know what you want. Let go of your old expectations. Embrace the fact you're able to concentrate on writing (and yes, publishing!) once again and set new goals for yourself that only look forward.

Apply at will to any circumstance in your life that hasn't worked out precisely as you'd expected.