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Happy Valentine's Day! Are you ready for the fifth excerpt from The Sheikh's Sinful Seduction? I'm feeling saucy so I've added the Sexy cover to the image.


Do you have plans tonight? I have family in town so we're barbequing, rain or shine. There are still patches of snow on the ground--and there could very well be more snow to come. Winter is definitely not over in this part of the country, but tonight we're going to pretend it is.

I'm a great believer in manifesting your own reality and it seems to be paying off for me lately. If you're one of my long-time visitors, you know how many times I've breathlessly posted, "I'm so busy." Well, I've been consciously avoiding that phrase and deliberately stepping away from my computer for other things. I'll admit it's a toss-up when that other thing is cleaning a closet, but it feels so good to accomplish something that I've thought I was too busy to do for so long. And it feels awesome to start finding the balance of work and home that I've been seeking for years.

However, because my daughter and sister are showing up midday and this house needs a spit polish before they get here, I do have to stick to business this morning. Scoop up this fabulous offer then enjoy your #SampleSunday.

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Ready for your #SampleSunday? Here's what has happened so far:

  1. Fern arrives at the oasis and takes in Zafir.
  2. Zafir is taken with Fern
  3. Fern wishes Zafir would take a hike
  4. Fern wonders if Zafir will steal a kiss

They're interupted by the children and here's what Fern thinks of the incident when she has a moment alone a little bit later:

~ * ~

Fern entered the privacy of her tent and let out a long, anxious breath. Amineh had talked about the oasis like it was a place of freedom, but Fern had a sense of being kidnapped—into luxury, sure. The tent was bigger than the tiny bedroom she’d grown up in. The bedding and pillows the children had brought her were silky and colorful, while the pallet Zafir had unrolled was wide enough for two.

Stop it.

How had she even wound up here at the end of the earth? She’d grown up expecting she would take a position in a village day school, perhaps going home to a tidy flat where she’d have a cat named Fabio. Her only aspiration had been to provide the same ray of hope Miss Ivy had instilled in her—to help withdrawn, unhappy students discover their own hidden potential.

Hers had apparently been the ability to become an international teacher.

She hadn’t even considered an overseas position while her mother had been alive, but after her mother had passed away, Fern had needed a fresh start. On a whim, she’d applied to a placement agency and expected to wind up in a missionary school, but had found herself in the running for this job.

It still felt like a miracle that she’d won it, but her quiet nature seemed to fit with a culture that valued modesty. She and Amineh had got on immediately, which surprised Fern. At first she had thought it was only because Amineh appreciated Fern’s genuine affection for the girls and her earnest desire to act in their best interests. Now she knew Amineh better, she recognized a like soul in the sense that they’d both struggled to find their place in the jungle of female cliques during their school years.

Amineh and Zafir, Fern had learned, were the product of a rather notorious affair between an Arab sheikh and an English duke’s daughter. They’d ping-ponged back and forth between their parents, not quite fitting fully into either culture. Amineh had found stability by marrying her brother’s best friend, Ra’id, and living permanently in his country.

Zafir still fought for the right to rule their father’s homeland, Q’Amara. He’d married the daughter of a sheikh, trying to ease resistance at having a man with such heavy Western influences governing their country.

Somehow she couldn’t picture him wearing the same sad frown Amineh wore when she talked about their difficult early years. He seemed too fiercely proud to allow prejudice to reach his heart. It was hard to imagine a man that dynamic and confident struggling with anything.

Peeking out of her tent, she saw him down at the water, shin-deep in the spring where the children had told her bathing was allowed. He stood with his sharp profile angled upward to the top of the worn canyon on the far side of the water. Then he crouched, not taking any heed that his robe was soaked through. He scooped his hands into the water and splashed his face, then lifted his gutra to wet the back of his neck.

She swallowed, going weak as she watched him. He was so comfortable in his skin, so self-assured and compelling.

It dawned on her that this was a crush. She was suffering a full-blown case of unfounded infatuation, behaving exactly like her adolescent schoolmates used to. She stood here spying on a boy, acting geeky and awkward and keyed up, entertaining uncharacteristic fantasies of kissing the back of his neck. How puerile. If only his wife was alive to deter her.

Look away, she told herself, but she couldn’t make herself do it. Why did he have to be out there acting all brooding and sexy anyway?

He stood and turned to stare directly at her tent. His shoulders were set at what seemed a tense angle, his demeanor projecting dissatisfaction.

She couldn’t tell if he saw her, but she retreated to the back wall.

This was going to be an interminable two weeks.

~ * ~

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