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We're up to the fourth excerpt from The Sheikh's Sinful Seduction already! I hope you're enjoying them. I'll have two more after this. Then, well, things are in the air. I'll still post on the weekends, but I may have a run of #TeaserTuesdays. Read more below.


I'm plotting with my fellow Bachelor Auction authors to provide our readers a mini-blog hop with excerpts from the first three books. This may turn into a series of #TeaserTuesday snippets. Have you seen the covers yet? The first three look like this:


These covers were specifically designed to provoke women into screaming like they're at a Rolling Stones concert, so don't be embarassed of you feel like doing that.

Just in case you're sold on the cover alone, I'll quietly leave this room key, I mean pre-order link for The Bachelor's Baby here.

All the bachelor stories are loosely linked. Sarah's heroine, Lily, is the organizer of the event. My heroine, Meg, goes to see Kate's heroine, Dr. Rachel Cassidy, for (sarcastic spoiler alert) a pre-natal visit. (My book is called The Bachelor's Baby.)

The Bachelor's Baby releases March 6th on all platforms, not on the 13th and exclusive to Amazon as previously reported. What can I say? Publishing is a constantly changing landscape. Even I can't keep up with when and how my books are coming out.

But I do want to remind you that my heroine, Meg, is the sister of Blake from Blame The Mistletoe, making it the third in my series for Montana Born. Blame The Mistletoe is still in the queue, but you can now find Hometown Hero on these platforms: Kobo | Nook | Smashwords | iBooks

Wait, don't guess yet!!

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Ready for your #SampleSunday? Here's what has happened so far:

  1. Fern arrives at the oasis and takes in Zafir.
  2. Zafir is taken with Fern
  3. Fern wishes Zafir would take a hike

~ * ~

A noise escaped him. Might have been a snort of amusement or a tsk of impatience. She wasn’t sure because he bent to take up another shortened pole and began to extend it. When his gaze came back to hers, his was fierce and almost scolding.

His rebuke burned. She knew her reaction was obvious. Her ability to demure was nil. Worse, she knew she didn’t inspire male desire. She wasn’t particularly curvy on her chest or bottom. She wouldn’t know how to apply eye shadow if she’d ever had the spare notes to buy it. Between the braces to fix terribly crooked teeth, the secondhand clothes, the extra studies to win a scholarship and then maintaining her position at the library while she earned her degree, she’d been the most easily overlooked nerd her entire life.

Maybe he was one of those jocks who occasionally noticed she was an easy mark and was having his fun teasing her. Maybe he was silently taunting her, sending a pithy “as if.”

She usually walked away when feeling picked on, but despite the seventeen square kilometers around her, she didn’t have anywhere to go. The only place she could hide from Zafir was her own quarters, so she ducked into them. She bent under the light weight of the silky red fabric to pick up the pole from the ground and worked her way to the center, where a grommet awaited on the roof and the floor.

Of course it wasn’t as easy as it looked. She got the top one hooked in, but even though the tent wasn’t heavy, the tension in the fabric was resistant to her attempts to align the bottom of the pole into the floor.

“You spaced the pegs too far away,” she told him, hearing her mother’s voice and cringing.

“I’ve pitched more tents than you have, Fern,” he drawled and she narrowed her eyes at him even though they couldn’t see each other.

Another pole made a zipping noise as he slid it into the pocket that would form one of the corners. “Let me finish this part then I’ll help you.”

Oh, great. I’ll just stand here looking stupid then.

The tent shifted on her hair, making it crackle with static. She debated crawling out, but couldn’t make herself go out there and face him.

Another zip, zip, zip and he had the back and walls stabilized.

Leave when he comes in, she thought, but he lifted the front of the tent and took up all the space, bringing the middle of the tent pole so it slid through her light grip and the roof climbed as he neared her. Then he was standing before her, the narrow pole between them, his tanned face tinged by the translucent red of the fabric, his gaze fixed on hers.

He slid his hands over her limp ones and guided the bottom end of the pole into place.

She tried to look away, but he was tall and very close. He smelled good. Earthy and sweaty, but not overpowering. Masculine and intriguing. Aside from her mother’s specialist, she’d never met a man with such an air of command and that physician had been white-haired and potbellied. Zafir was in his prime, not just healthy, but radiating supremacy.

In the back of her mind, she knew she was behaving like some kind of rock-band superfan, speechless in the presence of a man with star quality, unable to move, but he was so incredible. She found herself staring into his eyes for too long. She knew it was too long, but she couldn’t look away from those crystal blue-green depths. They quested, delving into hers, demanding something she didn’t even understand.

Say something, she thought, and let her tongue wet her lips.

His gaze lowered to her mouth.

Her breath evaporated.

She found her own gaze dropping to his mouth, wondering how it would feel to have those smooth lips rubbing against hers. Her heart was fluttering like a trapped bird, her pulse pounding in her ears.

He lifted his hand to hover hotly next to her cheek, scorching her. His brows jerked in some type of struggle. Was he going to kiss her?

~ * ~

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