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Personal update: My daughter and her boyfriend have both found work and a place to live. It's about twenty minutes from where my son will be going to school. I'll be suffering the pangs of an empty nest come September, but I'm comforted to know my daughter will ensure her brother doesn't starve as he embarks on adulthood. See how much she loves him?

It's been such a busy summer for our family! I thought things were settling down and my only big obligation was my word count for my next book. I began to dawdle and enjoy the beach. Then I was sent revisions, revisions, line edits, copy edits and an Art Fact Sheet.

If you read above where both kids need help moving by September, you'll have a sense of the panic that set in as those things piled into my inbox. So I'll get you your #SampleSunday and get back to work!

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Sample Sunday

Fun fact: I keep a list on the wall in my office (Dani's Wall Of Fame.) I write down the title of my manuscripts as they're accepted along with the publication date. It's both an organizational tool and a brag to anyone who dares enter my Fortress Of Literature. On this poster, I wrote The Secret Under The Veil and didn't notice until recently.

Did you miss the last two posts?

Those are fairly self explanatory and here is their First Kiss. There's a very small spoiler in this scene, but let me ask you - did you really think I was going to let my heroine drown in the beginning of Chapter Two? What kind of Happily Ever After is that?

~ * ~

“You’re not thinking about it? Wondering? Dreaming,” he mocked in a voice that jarred because he did not sound angry. He sounded amused and knowing. “Let’s see, shall we?”

His hand shifted to cup her neck. The caress of his thumb into the hollow at the base of her throat unnerved her. If he’d been forceful, she would have reacted with a slap, but this felt almost tender. She trusted this hand. It had dragged her up to the surface of the water, giving her life.

So she didn’t knock that hand away. She didn’t hit him in the face as he neared, or pull away to say a hard No.

Somehow she got it into her head she would prove he didn’t affect her. Maybe she even thought she could return to him that rejection he’d delivered earlier.

Maybe she really did want to know how it would be with him.

Whatever the perverse impulse that possessed her, she sat there and let him draw closer, keeping her mouth set and her gaze as contemptuous as she could make it.

Until his lips touched hers.

If she had expected brutality, she was disappointed. But he wasn’t gentle, either.

His hold firmed on her neck as he plundered without hesitation, opening his mouth over hers in a hot, wet branding that caused a burn to explode within her. His tongue stabbed and her lips parted. Delicious swirls of pleasure invaded her belly and lower. Her eyes fluttered closed so she could fully absorb the sensations.

She had wondered. Intrigue had held her still for this kiss and she moaned as she basked in it, bones dissolving, muscles weakening.

He kissed her harder, dismantling her attempt to remain detached in a few short, racing heartbeats. He dragged his lips across hers in an erotic crush, the rough-soft texture of his lips like silken velvet.

All her senses came alive to the heat of his chest, the woodsy spice scent on his skin, the salt flavor on his tongue. Her skin grew so sensitized it was painful. She felt vulnerable with longing.

She splayed her free hand against his chest and released a sob of capitulation, no longer just accepting. Participating. Exploring the texture of his tongue, trying to compete with his aggression and consume him with equal fervor.

He pulled back abruptly, the loss of his kiss a cruelty that left her dangling in midair, naked and exposed. His chest moved with harsh breaths that seemed triumphant. The glitter in his eye was superior, asserting that he would decide if and when.

“No force necessary,” he said with satisfaction deepening the corners of his mouth.

~ * ~

Mikolas is a bit of a bastard, but he redeems himself. If you'd like to see how, here are your pre-order links.

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