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UPDATED: Aug 2, 2016
Did you catch this #SampleSunday when it posted in February? Enjoy! (Note: My wrist is totally recovered.)

Another busy week has zipped by and that ends January already! My big news midweek was a broken fridge. We were able to replace it within a few days, which was probably thanks to Mercury crawling out of retrograde. It's not my dream fridge. It's the one that fits the hole in the cupboards, but I'm okay with that. I don't have time to renovate a kitchen. I barely have time to buy groceries!

Do You Have A Date For Valentine's Day?

You do now!

I have a #SampleSunday for you below, but wanted to draw your attention to my pretty Valentine's Month Line Up. The Marriage He Must Keep is still available and you should be seeing the second half of this duet, The Consequence He Must Claim, showing up on your store shelves.

On Feb 11th, just in time for Valentine's Day, watch for Taken By The Raider, which will release on all digital platforms. Right now it's on pre-order at the links below.

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Want to read the first two chapters of Taken By The Raider? Download a PDF by clicking over to my blog post from earlier this week.

SampleSunday - The Consequence He Must Claim

As you probably already know, Cesar only found out about his baby when the hospital called for a paternity test. He doesn't remember making love to Sorcha and hasn't been able to for the six weeks of her recovering from the birth. He's been reticent, but here they've come to his parents' for a gala reception that is supposed to be in their honour. They've just come downstairs and have a private moment before the party starts:

~ * ~

“I’m sorry. I’m just really nervous and—” She was such an idiot. She shouldn’t have started this here, now, but this party felt like the official beginning of their marriage and she wouldn’t relax until she at least knew… “I went to the doctor today. She said we could, um…” She looked around. “You know,” she said in an undertone. “If we use, um,” she swallowed and mouthed, condoms.

He stared.

She felt as though she grew transparent, skin thinning with heat, clothes incinerating until they flaked off her body in papery curls and she stood naked before him. She had just handed him the power to accept or reject her, leaving her self-worth hanging in the balance. She wished he would—

“You tell me that now? Here?”

“Where else—”

“The shower? An hour ago?” An avid light fired his gaze and his hand wrapped firmly around her arm. He steered her down the hall, but rather than taking her toward the main area of the house, he tugged her past the office she’d seen last time, then into a billiards room.

She scuffled along, fearful she’d be pulled off her heels. “Cesar, you’re scaring me.”

“I wait three damned years, then you disappear for eight months. I marry you and still have to wait six weeks…”

He pushed through a frosted door into a humid solarium. The scents of oranges and earth, lilies and herbs, were so pungent, it was almost overwhelming. The room was dark, lit only by the lights surrounding the tents erected outside. The glow filtered through small panes of glass, most of the light kept out by the abundance of greenery growing upward and dangling from hooks.

It was enchanting, but… “You want to, um, here—?”

“I want,” he growled, pulling her into his arms and pressing a hot, openmouthed kiss against her neck. His hand slid low, taking firm possession of her bottom to press her into the hardness of his unquestionable erection.

“Oh!” she cried, clutching at his shoulders for balance.

“I have been wanting and waiting and you finally tell me I can have you, but that I have to wait a little longer? I never took you for cruel, Sorcha.” His breath moved the tiny hairs along the edges of her updo, tickling and stimulating her sensitive nape, sending shivery waves of pleasure through her whole body. Gooseflesh rose on her arms.

She had wondered what had happened to the unabashedly sexual playboy she used to work for and here he was, flicking his tongue against her earlobe before he caught it in his teeth. He was moving his hands all over her waist and hips, sliding the silk against her skin, learning the shape of her thighs and buttocks. It was a disconcertingly familiar touch, kind of shocking in its level of ownership, but it sent tingles of anticipation and excitement through her. It felt really good to be touched. By him. So greedily.

Heat suffused her as she arched her neck and found herself turning her face, seeking his mouth with her own.

A sound tore out of him and he covered her lips with his own, full and knowledgeable. The sweet, occasionally lingering kisses of the past six weeks were gone. This was raw, undeniable passion. His tongue pierced unapologetically and searched for hers. Her abdomen contracted with excitement.

A deeper moan escaped her and she crowded closer to him, loins flooding with a hot ache, dampening with excitement. They stood there barely moving but for caressing each other in erotic pulses of their bodies against each other, mouths mimicking the thrust and reception they both craved.

With a little sob, she tore her lips from his, panting as she said, “I didn’t bring any condoms with me. I left them in the table by the bed. Do you have one?”

He drew back and even in the shadowed light, she could tell he was glaring.

“You had one that day,” she protested. “I thought it was something you always carry, like a credit card.”

“No,” he growled. “I don’t have one and I’m not about to consummate our marriage on a potting table in my parents’ garden shed.”

“Save it for our anniversary?” she suggested.

He looked to the glass panes of the ceiling, shaking his head. His hands were still flexing on her. “This is going to be a very hard, hard evening to get through.”

~ * ~

I'm so thrilled with how well The Marriage He Must Keep has been received! I hope you're equally excited by this second story in The Wrong Heirs Duet, The Consequence He Must Claim.

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Oh, I meant to give an update on my wrist way up there at the top of this post. It's coming along. I only wear the splint if I leave the house. The bone is still tender and I'm not to do anything stupid (like moving refrigerators!) so I'm healing nicely.