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Two weeks in a row of writing this on Saturday morning! What's next? Publishing on Sundays?


I had a couple of guests last night for wine on the deck and dinner. My brother-in-law is working on a house about an hour from here and it's been going on for a few months. Occasionally I get a text that says, "What's for dinner?" Half the time MrC is working so my real answer is 'nothing,' because my son is happy with a sandwich, but I wind up cooking for my b-i-l.

It's not a chore. In fact, I usually come out ahead. Here's a couple of texts he sent me before he arrived:


My other guest was a friend who happens to be a teacher. She was kind enough to proof something for me in the last couple of weeks. I've written a short story that I'm going to offer as a free download. It's not ready yet, but if you're on my newsletter list, you'll get first peek!

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I have a lot of irons in a lot of fires at the moment. If you read last week's post, you know I was a tiny bit burnt out. Well, I am bouncing back with a vengeance and reminding myself not to take on too much. But alas, that's who I am. So stay tuned for news.

Meanwhile, here is your final excerpt from Seduced Into The Greek's World. That went fast, didn't it? My next Presents will be Vows Of Revenge, releasing in September. I'll write more about it in the coming weeks, but if you want to preorder, all the quick links are here:

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Sample Sunday

If you missed any of the previous excerpts, the links are below.

  1. Demitri believes Natalie is flirting with his (married) brother-in-law
  2. Natalie can't believe Demitri
  3. Demitri invites Natalie for dinner
  4. Demitri and Natalie chat over dinner
  5. Natalie goes home with Demitri after dinner

Here's a teaser from in the apartment:

~ * ~

Don't, she thought.

But in the back of her mind, she asked herself, What’s holding you back? She had mentally allowed for something like this to happen. Heck, she’d actually bought condoms, thinking at the time that it was a ridiculous prospect, but secretly dreaming of being swept off her feet by a suave foreigner. Demitri was a prime example of the sophisticated man she’d hoped to meet. Plus, he actually knew how these situations worked.

But she hadn’t expected an affair to actually happen. She was normal, boring, run-of-the-mill Natalie. Not some irresistible, exciting woman who captivated a man.

Demitri looked at her as if she was that and more. He made her feel beautiful and alluring, as though she was the kind of woman who deserved a man to love and cherish her. That fantasy was as seductive as the genuine tingles of arousal he provoked in her.

When he closed his hand around hers and backed out of the elevator, drawing her with him, she let it happen.

Knees weak, heart pounding, lips still burning, she allowed him to lead her down the hallway, half convinced this was a dream because things like this didn’t really happen. Not to her.

They passed recessed doors that led to private suites. She’d only been in one Makricosta penthouse ever, to resolve a Wi-Fi issue for a client she hadn’t even seen. She knew of the family suites in each of the hotels, but hadn’t ever expected to see the interior of one.

Demitri let her in a door marked Private Residence.

She took in the overstuffed semicircle couch and round coffee table, the dining area and table for twelve, the marble mantle and matching accent tables. Table lamps provided soft light against the draped windows. The art on the walls looked expensive. The suite was tasteful and welcoming if cold. Not as generic as a hotel room, but not really lived in.

“Take your coat?” he offered.

She set her pocketbook on the chest beside the door and offered her back, nerves strummed by the brush of his fingertips as he lowered her coat off her shoulders. The brush of silk lining down her arms caused her to shiver, making her nipples pull tight. Everything in her tensed with anticipation while nerves had her heart hammering in her throat.

Was she really doing this? She ought to tell him that she didn’t do this. It wasn’t her. He’d be disappointed.

Working up her courage, she turned, hands clasped before her.

He was looking at her legs, coat suspended from his hand. As she turned, he lifted his gaze to hers, locking her in a heated stare, not looking away as he tossed her wet coat toward the leather sofa.

“You shouldn’t do that,” she protested, taking an automatic step to fetch it. He stepped into her space. The air between them thinned like smoke, leaving a vacuum that pulled them into the space, energy sizzling and popping with sexual awareness.

He was so gorgeous. Not just that sculpted jaw and his intense dark eyes, but the kissable shape of his lips and the scape of his shoulders. His wide chest and flat abdomen and long legs.

I don’t know what I’m doing. She tried to find the words, tried to make her throat work, but he touched a fingertip under her chin.

The brush was feathery and gentle. She hadn’t expected finesse, but honestly, a man didn’t rack up a conquest list like his by being a brute. He was showing her all his best moves, she reminded herself, but she still felt deliciously branded by his fingerprint. Lifting her gaze, she wound up fascinated by his mouth again and it was coming closer…


When had she even been kissed since having Zoey? Really kissed?

And so well?

He really knew what he was doing, persuading her with varying pressures and parted lips to follow him. Open. Let it deepen. Rock and soothe and moan involuntarily because it felt so good.


His arm hooked behind her and drew her into the hard wall of his chest. So good. And why? Why did the sheer hardness of him, the tension of strong muscles and flat breastbone and firm flesh, make her soften and weaken and melt into surrender?

So much strength harnessed and held in check for her.

He stroked his hands up and down her spine and she kept leaning closer and more fully, giving up more of herself until she was plastered to him, completely undone. Then he slid one hand down to clasp over her buttock and a heated zing of pleasure pierced deep in her belly, sending a flood of sexual awakening into her erogenous zones.

This was what she’d wanted. Sexual feelings. Womanly feelings. To be seduced so she wouldn’t have to think about right and wrong. Grateful to him for making this easy, she wound her arms around his neck and licked into his mouth, letting him know she was utterly receptive.

He grunted, hips jerking into her in a way that spoke of his excitement, which excited her in turn. With a bolder touch, he cupped her backside and found her breast, possessed it, stimulated her through the fabric of her dress so she wriggled against him with impatient desire.

They were breathing heavily, barely breaking to gasp before diving into another long kiss. She ran her hands over him, greedily taking her fill of his physique, not letting herself think about how to make this count. Rather, she steeped herself in the moment and savored every sensation, drinking in his heady scent, peppery and spicy, but musky and exciting at the same time. She bumped her thighs into his iron hard ones, liking the sense he was undentable. Impervious.

Their tongues tangled and she groaned in sheer luxury, letting herself burn alive in the bonfire of desire building between them. His implacable strength seemed to overwhelm her for a moment, making her stumble, then she felt something against her bottom.

He lifted her, dress riding up at the same time, and sat her on the cold marble of the table by the door.

Before she could decide what she thought of that, he pushed her legs apart and stepped between them so they were eye to eye, mouth to mouth…
Kissing again. Deeply. Unreservedly.

The fine lace of her new Parisian panties snapped.

~ * ~

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