#SampleSunday - Proof Of Their Sin Prologue

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It's Sunday morning, I'm thinking of calling in disaster relief for my desk, I opened up my banking program to get that started, then decided to write a teaser for Proof Of Their Sin.

Proof Of Their Sin is my North American print debut. The ebook is available for pre-order now and will be released mid-June. The print books will be on the shelves July 1st, which is such a big deal, my entire country will hold parades and concerts and set off fireworks. (Okay, that'll be for Canada Day, but give me this one. It's been a long time coming.)

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I'll be starting a blog tour shortly and offering giveaway copies so stay tuned for those dates and locations. I'll also be drawing from my newsletter subscriber list for a signed copy. (I gave away my first copy yesterday to my Mom. My Large Print editions arrived in time for her birthday which was nice.)

There will also be a proper launch and signing at some point, details to be announced when I get my act together.

Proof Of Their Sin Teaser:

This scene is not included in the book, only referenced. Lauren married Paolo's best friend, Ryan, five years ago. Ryan is a special ops, high octane kind of guy, and just went MIA. Paolo was also prone to risk and fast-living until he had to take over his Italian family's international bank about the time Lauren married. Lauren and Paolo have always been attracted to each other and always fought letting the other see it.

Lauren sat inside the mansion as directed. It was too cold to sit outside her mother-in-law insisted. Maybe it was a windy day in Charleston, but Lauren's flight had barely made it out of the snowstorm in Montreal so the weather here was merely brisk. Paparazzi surrounded the place. That was the real reason Lauren was supposed to stay indoors. She didn't argue. It wasn't her way. She sat in the oppressive silence broken only by the ticking of the grandfather clock, avoiding eye contact with her in-laws as they all waited for the phone to ring. No, she replied when asked, she wasn't hungry. No one was hungry. Did they know what she'd done? She adjusted her rings, the ones she'd put back on her finger as the taxi had approached her husband's ancestral home. The platinum was cold. Her hands were frozen. Icy knives turned in her. Was it her fault? Had she driven Ryan to take chances by asking for a divorce? Why wouldn't anyone tell them what was going on? Military, she thought, and another slice of guilt cut through her. She shouldn't have tried to circumvent such a power by calling Paolo, but he was Ryan's best friend and very well connected. He hadn't called back though. That was a thousand messages in itself about his contempt for her and his respect for Ryan's job. Everyone loved Ryan. Except her. She made her hands sit still in her lap. Her blood thickened like concrete, making all of her feel stony and dead. Calling Paolo had been foolish. It made her look desperate in the wrong way. If he ever did speak to her, he'd say something horrible about her contacting him like that, claim she'd been coming on to him or something. She just knew it. If only she could take it back, all of it. What did it matter if Ryan had cheated? She should have been like her mother and kept quiet, just being thankful she had a husband at all. Did she have a husband? She had wanted a divorce, not this. When would it end? When would they hear? Outside, where the media kept up a low buzz like a workaday hive, a commotion suddenly arose. A car door slammed and shouts rose to rabid levels. News, Lauren though, and her heart stalled with dread. She numbly let her gaze follow Ryan's sister as she left the room. The front door opened and closed, locking out the din of reporters literally screaming for a headline. Holding her breath, she listened as measured footsteps crossed marble. Paolo Donatelli entered the lounge. Oh. He looked awful, not that a man that handsome could ever look truly terrible, but he had deep shadows under his reddened eyes. His cheeks were hollow beneath the stubble on his jaw. The sensual mouth that always drew her gaze when he spoke was pulled down at the corners into an anguished line. His scanning gaze found her and locked, not wavering as he walked straight toward her. The forcefield off him seemed to come up against the safety shields she'd erected around herself. She felt the tension like two bubbles butting up against one another. He sat down on the ottoman in front of her knees and reached for her lifeless hands. With an unexpected blip, the wall between them disintegrated and they were trapped inside a single, airless orb. Everything beyond them was a soapy blur. The force of his grip caused feeling to seep upward from her crushed fingers.  Like maple sap bleeding into the cells of a tree after a long, hard winter, tiny vessels were forced to expand and stung with the pressure. It hurt, but felt like life returning at the same time. The shell around her heart developed stress fractures and began to crack. Paolo's dark eyes looked into the very depths of her soul. "Cara, I'm so sorry."

Want to know what happens next? Proof Of Their Sin is part of a mini-series called One Night With Consequences. wink I'm thinking of writing the One Night scene as an exclusive for a Street Team--if I ever find time to organize one. What do you think?

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And I just received an email that my interview is up on Audra Middleton's site. She's one of my Fantasy Folk friends from Worlds Of The Imagination. Come say hi.