#SampleSunday - Proof Of Their Sin Mother's Day

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I couldn't decide whether to do a #SampleSunday or an Ode To Motherhood. I know a lot of great moms, mine included--she got her own dedication in Proof Of Their Sin! So I could go on and on about moms, no problem.

I won't claim to be one myself, by the way. I often say that my daughter is doing a marvelous job of raising our son and it's no joke. She really is.

Anyway, I looked at my To Do list and figured it was less typing to do a #SampleSunday and I happen to have an excerpt from Proof Of Their Sin that shows how important becoming a mother is to Lauren.

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Here's the excerpt:

“Three months since we were together, but I can see the weight gain starting. Is that why you slept with me? To disguise some married man’s bastard?” “Oh, stop it!” she spat. “Have I asked you to be a father?” After losing her own and suffering Gerald as a substitute, she’d concluded that father figures were overrated. Her grandmother had filled all the necessary parental roles just fine thanks. Wanting to finish with him before her delicate hold over her control slipped completely, she paced into the lounge, bypassing the narrow aisle between the sofa and coffee table for the wider band of area rug behind the furniture. As she spun, her skirt billowed in a way her lungs couldn’t. She was aware of his scrutiny like a scientist behind a mirrored wall, watching a distressed animal seek escape from its cage. “Yes, people are going to notice soon that I’m pregnant,” she stated, trying to drag deeper breaths into her compressed lungs. “They’re going to speculate that it’s yours. I owed it to you to prepare you for that so here I am.” “So you’re keeping it.” The words were flat and uninflected. It was an unexpected blow that winded her. “Of course I’m keeping it! I’ve waited years for a baby.” She tried to say it calmly, but she couldn’t help the residual fury over Ryan’s duplicity, letting her try to explain to his mother why they weren’t conceiving when he had privately known exactly why. “How can you suggest I not keep it? You’re Catholic. And don’t you dare ask if I slept with you to get pregnant. I’ll slap you, I swear I will. I thought I was infertile.” She spun again, still pacing, feeling like one of those little metal ducks quacking her way along the upper ledge of a carnival tent. Paolo’s laser gaze seemed to track her like the red dot of a sniper’s rifle while he weighed her words. “I know this baby looks like a disaster, but it’s a miracle.” Her agitation at having to explain without being able to explain kept her blood vessels tight, her muscles tense, her focus dim and narrow on the walls rushing by. “I’m willing to minimize the damage by leaving the country, but it’s going to come out, Paolo.” She’d managed to ignore her anxiety over that eventuality, but it threatened to overwhelm her as she spoke of it. Her feet moved quicker and she felt the walls closing in. Her mother’s shame and disappointment, Ryan’s mother’s horrified incomprehension... It would be a nightmare and Lauren didn’t even have her grandmother to stand by her. What she wanted, what she’d come here for, was rescue, she realized. Deep down, she had hoped for the same help and support he’d offered in Charleston. She wasn’t going to get it though. She really was alone in this. Eyes stinging at how inexorable it all was, Lauren made herself halt, growing aware that she was gasping breaths in, but was forgetting to let them out. A clammy sweat condensed on her skin and her vision faded to white. She was hyperventilating and even though she tried to make herself stop, panic at not tasting any oxygen stole her self control, making her try harder to catch her breath. Paolo said her name in a sharp tone. She blindly looked to where she thought he was, but she couldn’t see him. Her hearing was muffled as though her ears were filling with water. She moved her lips, trying to tell him, trying…

How nice is this quote off the Amazon UK book description:

'Whilst still a brand new author for Modern, I feel like I've been reading Dani for years! Love her stories!' - Emma, 53, Henley

I recently blogged on CoffeeTimeRomance about what inspired the premise for Proof Of Their Sin.

I'll also be chatting about Proof Of Their Sin with Sharon Buchbinder on Tuesday, May 14th and offering up another teaser. Please join us.