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This is likely to be my last #SampleSunday for Proof Of Their Sin. However, I keep thinking I should write the scene that causes all this commotion--that's right, the love scene.

Time is always my nemesis. I recently read this quote by Michelangelo, "I hope that I may always desire more than I can accomplish." I'm not comparing myself to him, but I can relate to that level of ambition.

And to that ambitious end, among my many goals is starting a Street Team. I want to go to National first and attend some workshops on doing it right, but I'm pretty sure a scene like what I've suggested would would make a nice bonus for dedicated followers. If you're interested in being involved in my Street Team, please subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of the page or subscribe to my blog at the right and you'll be notified when I'm getting it off the ground.

In the meanwhile, we have #SampleSunday. I've been doing a lot of guest blogging lately so if you're visiting from one of them, Hello and Thanks for dropping by! If you've missed some of my #SampleSundays for Proof Of Their Sin, I've compiled all the links into this post, in the order they appear in the book.

Ironically, this is posting on Father's Day and one of the main conflicts in this story is Paolo's stubborn refusal to believe he is the father of Lauren's baby--even though he desperately wishes he was.

Below, Lauren and Paolo have been having words about who has been chasing who all these years and Lauren loses her temper. Paolo reacts.


Before she knew what she was doing, the yellow tomato left her hand and was flying at his head. He fielded it like a pro, his reflexes catlike. His reaction of astonished disbelief came more slowly as he looked at the orb smashed into his palm. Very deliberately he set it aside and wiped his hand on his shirt, lifting his head in a way of a predator locking onto his prey. Retribution was a ferocious light in his outraged expression. Lauren’s heart stopped. All her blood drained into her toes and a cold sweat chased it. She was as flabbergasted as he was and the way he seemed to gather and glow with challenge melted her into a puddle of apprehension. “I-I-” she stammered. He began walking toward her and she tried to retreat, backing into the fridge door and knocking condiments over in their trays while her nerveless fingers lost their grip on the cloth bag. It fell to the floor. More tomatoes rolled out toward his menacing steps while she managed to shuffle around the door and clatter it closed, taking refuge at one end of the island, putting it between them as he came up to the other end, threat in every line of his aggressive stance. Part of her knew this standoff was insanely childish, but he looked not just furious, but intent. She was trapped and a frisson of something unidentifiable went through her. Not real fear, but the kind that chased you through a haunted house, making you want to laugh while you were screaming your head off. “What are you doing hiding behind furniture? You wanted a fight didn’t you?” he taunted in a voice that sent a sensual slither down her spine. “Or were you inviting something else?” “I was inviting you to get lost, but you can’t stand for a woman to resist you, can you?” she threw out. “If you at least tried to resist, cara, we might not be in this situation.” “Who is chasing who right now? I don’t want anything to do with you. You’re behaving like an idiot.” His head went back in insult while a hint of desperation shadowed the eyes that stayed fixed on her. “Do I really have to chase a woman who wants to be caught?” Her heart did a back flip while she protested, “Get over yourself!” At the same time, her heart raced with something more like anticipation than fear, even though she was very scared how she’d react if he touched her. He made a sudden fake to her left. She feinted in a mirror dodge that started him down one side of the island. She took her chances running down the opposite side. Paolo was not only competitive, but strong, athletic, and ruthless. Before she’d taken four steps, he had vaulted onto and slid over the island, landing before her so she would have crashed into him if he hadn’t caught her by the arms to cushion the impact. “You—” He smothered her cry of anger with his mouth.

Proof Of Their Sin goes live on all digital platforms this week, on June 19th. Print copies release on July 1st. I cannot wait to visit myself in the stores. If you happen to see Proof Of Their Sin 'in the wild', please send me a snap via Twitter, Facebook or through my Contact page. I'll enter you in a draw for a signed copy and include some swag.